How do I take a screenshot in Quest 2

How to Take a Screenshot on Oculus Quest 2

In the event that you accomplish something epic on your new Oculus Quest 2 (or unique Quest), it's unfathomably simple to take screen capture to impart to companions. Here's the manner by which to catch a screen capture in your VR headset. 

Taking a screen capture on your Oculus Quest 2 is nearly just about as simple as taking one on a cell phone. Just hold down the Oculus button (which resembles an oval symbol) on the correct Quest Touch regulator, at that point press the trigger on one or the other regulator.

When the screen capture has been taken, you'll hear a screen capture sound (like a camera shade) that you've probably heard on different gadgets. You'll additionally get a warning affirming that the screen capture has been caught. 

In the event that the primary strategy doesn't work for you, there's a second, more troublesome approach to take a screen capture. 

Start by opening the framework menu by squeezing the Oculus button on your correct Touch regulator. From that point, select the "Sharing" tab from the base taskbar.

At that point select the "Take Photo" button. You'll see a little red dab show up and squint for five seconds. When the commencement is done, a screen capture will be taken.

In case you're uncertain how to see those screen captures, explore the Home menu by squeezing the Oculus button on your regulator. Select the "Sharing" tab (as we did) to take a screen capture. Presently, rather than choosing "Take Photo," pick "View All."

From here, you can view all the screenshots you’ve taken.

With a screenshot selected, you can then delete the image or share it with others.