How to save GIFs on Twitter using an Android phone


GIF represents Graphics Interchange Format, and it is perhaps the most widely recognized method of sharing your feelings on the web, particularly via web-based media destinations like Twitter. Individuals utilize GIFs instead of images too to pass on their messages. 

All the GIFs which are transferred on Twitter naturally get changed over into the video design despite the fact that it is as yet called a GIF. This is the sole explanation because of which you can't download a GIF from Twitter by just right tapping on the GIF and afterward tapping the "Save picture…" as you do on the vast majority of different destinations. Twitter changes over a GIF into video design since video design has typically a more modest size than a GIF and has more characteristic collaboration. 

In this way, in the event that you need to save a GIF from Twitter, you have various choices accessible, for example, outsider locales and portable applications which assist you with keeping GIFs from Twitter. Allow us to examine some of them. 

Save GIF utilizing site 

To save a GIF from Twitter, you can take help from a site called "". This site can assist you in saving a GIF from Twitter with decreased size in great quality. Follow these straightforward advances: 

Duplicate the URL of the GIF which you need to save from Twitter 

Head over to "" 

Glue the replicated URL in the textbox which says "OR glue the picture URL:" 

And afterward, click the "Transfer!" button 

When this method gets finished, you will see the outcome just beneath the textbox in total agreement 

Essentially click directly on the outcome and afterward click "save picture" and you will have the incredible GIF in great quality on your gadget stockpiling. 

Save GIF utilizing an application 

Another alternative is to utilize an outsider portable application with which you can download the GIF from Twitter. One of the applications is TWEET2GIF made for Android gadgets. This application assists you with downloading a GIF from Twitter in both MP4 designs and as a GIF. To save GIF from Twitter by means of TWEET2GIF, you can follow these straightforward advances: 

Duplicate the URL of the GIF which you need to save from the Twitter application (extend the tweet subtleties at that point click more from the menu and select Copy connect to tweet) 

Open the TWEET2GIF versatile application 

Essentially glue the replicated URL in the application 

At long last, pick the configuration wherein you need to download the GIF (MP4 or GIF). 

On the off chance that you can't utilize both of the previously mentioned strategies, at that point you can choose the accompanying: 

In the first place, download the GIF from Twitter as a video from a website called "saved. Site" 

Also, to download the GIF as a video similarly to the TWEET2GIF application, duplicate the URL of the GIF tweet and glue that in the textbox at and afterward click the Download button 

After tapping the Download button on the landing page another page will open up, and you simply need to tap the little download button on the correct side of the new page, and the video organization of the GIF will be downloaded. 

Whenever you have the video now, the time has come to visit "" 

At that point select the choice of "video to GIF" from the menu and afterward peruse and select your downloaded MP4 video from saved. the site and transfer it. 

Something more prior to getting the GIF is to set the Frame rate (FPS) it is prescribed to keep the FPS at 20 seconds to get a smooth movement. 

At last, click the catch "Convert to GIF."

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