Playstation DualSense Wireless Controller


Playstation DualSense Wireless Controller

The controller feels much nicer than the DualShock 4. It’s bigger, so it will also be a nice change for people with bigger hands.

The textured back of the controller has nice implemented details for Sony fans. If you look close enough, it is composed of the face buttons. The shoulder buttons also protrude more than the DualShock 4. The triggers at stock have a very nice smooth pull with some resistance. It will be nice to see how some games utilize the adaptive triggers. The PS button is now the logo from PlayStation 1 instead of a circle which also works as a nice translation to P5 if you really want to get poetically crazy. The touchpad has a little more resistance because the way the surface is treated. Instead of a silky smooth matte surface like the DS4, this one seems like it’s just a matte surface without the silk. The face buttons all have a super nice soft, but tactile press.

Design wise, the controller is creatively constructed. I think a lot of thought has been put into the design than people would like to think and it deserves critique. The white portions of the controller protrude about 1/32” higher than the black striping. At first, I thought I would be able to feel what seems like annoying transitions between the two colors, but surprisingly, the white acts as a literal translation of where your hands will be when you hold the controller. It’s very diagrammatic; kind of like architecture that is designed in a way that when looked at, you can already understand the purpose of what the architect intended with material choices and geometric decisions.

Currently using it on my PC, but so far, it exceeds the Xbox 1 controller I have been at nearly all faucets. Only problem is that some companies like Ubisoft and Epic games seem to think no controller exists besides Xbox, so I sadly have to run Steam as an overlay to even use the dang controller. All in all, this controller is a shout-out to the PlayStation 1 with little Easter eggs and it really is a supremely constructed controller.
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The PS5 controller is awesome, although I don’t have a ps5 and don’t plan on getting one. I am a pc gamer and only use PlayStation controllers because I am used to it from ps2-ps4 days. Let me start off with this. The controller is really nice in the hands. A bit bigger then first gen ps4 controller(the comparison controller in the photos). The controller is a bit heavier and the triggers I can’t test yet. The biggest pro I see is that the big light on top of the ps4 controller that is blue for player one even on the dim setting was crazy bright. Ps5 controller fixed that. The controller feels like a PlayStation controller but has the size of an xbone controller. The only thing that seems like a step down is the one butting no one uses. The touch pad button. It feels a bit mushy compared to the previous gen. Altogether I’d give it a 4/5 stars. Durability with the triggers is a concern but for now I’m satisfied. Will update to see if it can be used on pc without software later.
Update 11/9/2020. Using steam, you can use the controller for now as a generic controller. Make sure that is selected. You will not have rumble until there is official support. The ps4 pairing method is identical as the ps5 which is good because I am used to it. Would also like to note I played through the entire bio shock infinite without needing a charge and zero connectivity issues. On the ps4 I sometimes have drop outs for a split second and don’t even get me started with the xbone one controller. Overall very solid and feels great in the hand. Good luck gamers