Free and fast proxy browser

Free and fast proxy browser

A proxy browser is the perfect solution for anyone trying to access a site and is surprised that it is prohibited from entering, some Arab countries block sites for various reasons, including violating privacy or the laws of the country, in this article in information we will know how you can browse any site.

What is a proxy browser?

A proxy browser is a type of browser that makes you able to open websites that are blocked in your country, here is information about a proxy browser:

A proxy is called a number of search sites, each of which is called a proxy browser. 
The browser changes the user's IP address.
A proxy site helps to change the geographical location so that it can access a site that has been blocked by the user's country, on the pretext that it may violate privacy, such as some social networking sites in some countries.
Most proxy sites are free and easy to use.

  • Hidester is one of the best websites as it is very easy to use. 
  • All you have to do is open that site and as soon as you enter it, your connection is fully encrypted.
  • The site can be used on a computer and any mobile device without any restrictions or conditions.
  • The site works with SSL technology that protects the user from hackers.
  • The site is used in the United States of America and all European countries.
  • The site works without an intermediary, that is, it does not require you to access it by another party. 
  • It also encrypts your browsing with a capacity of up to 128 Bit.
  • The site displays videos in high quality and clarity.
  • You can access the site from here.

Best Arabic proxy site:

Hide Me

  • Hide Me is an Arabic proxy site and is one of the fastest browsers.
  • The site is very distinct in that it makes you choose your nationality and the desired country and creates an identity for you to choose.
  • It also controls files called cookies and controls the advertisements displayed on the site.
  • The site is also available in Arabic, American and German versions.
  • The site works in different languages, the most important of which is Arabic.
  • You can access the site from here .

Free and fast proxy

Among the proxy sites, there are completely free sites that do not require fees to download, and the best of these are:

 NewIpNow :

  • NewIpNow is readily available worldwide and features identity protection and encryption.
  • The site is also distinguished by its fast servers that allow you a secure connection.
  • You can access the site from here .

SSL proxy site:

  • The SSL proxy site is very fast, unlike many sites that are slow due to international use.
  • The site relied on full encryption by having the most powerful server serving all users.
  • You can access the site from here .

To find out what proxy site is currently available :

  • You can enter the Top Proxies website, which is completely free.
  • This site allows you to see which site is now offering you a proxy service.
  • It also gives you location information like it is working now or not. 
  • It also displays the type of servers used by the site.
  • The site shows you proxy sites around the world easily and is easy to use.
  • You can access the site from here .

proxy breaker

One of the most famous sites that is called a proxy proxy is the following site:

Orange Proxy :

  • First-class user privacy protector site with caller ID encryption.
  • The program checks the blocked site thanks to the appearance of the caller with an American IP.
  • One of the advantages of the American IP is the availability of many Arab and foreign websites.
  • You can also enter the site from here .

proxy for computer

The proxy service also provides proxy sites for the computer, which are:

  • Filter Bypass is a broken website but it works on computers for free.
  • The site also has a feature that all users need, which is a cookie blocker.
  • The site also encrypts data with a limit of 128 bits, which means that the user can access a large number of blocked sites.
  • Also, the site works very fast and is described as one of the fastest proxy sites.
  • You can access the site from here .

Free internet proxy

Among the most popular free Internet proxy sites, including:

KProxy website:

  •  The site began to appear in 2005 AD, and began its work in providing the hidden appearance of users on the Internet.
  • About one million three hundred thousand subscribers participate in that site per month.
  • The site is completely safe for the user as it adds speed while browsing.
  • You can access the site from here .

VPNBook website:

  • One of the most beautiful proxy sites, it allows you to browse a provider. 
  • In addition to watching your programs and exclusive series on Netflix without restrictions.
  • It also enables you to create an unbreakable IP, as well as connect to a strong internet network.
  • The site also works on the PPTP protocol, Open VPN These protocols enable you to have a strong and hidden connection.
  • You can access the site from here .