BRAVE_BR10 Flash

BRAVE_BR10 . Receiver flash

BRAVE_BR10 B10 flash drive--MX00.V1.2A

BRAVE_BR10 . Flash



A receiver that receives high-definition satellite channels in an ideal shape and size, easy-to-operate menus, and accepts an Internet cable connection.
The device is supported by USB ports
The device supports recording and display through the USB.
Ease of updating the software and channels through a USB flash memory
More than 5000 satellite and radio stations can be downloaded.
Multilingual (Arabic - English - French -......)
Easy to control, program and update
Ease of updating through a USB flash drive
Multiple channel search (manual, automatic)
Supports EPG
Supports channel control (modify, delete, move)
The device supports the operation of the DIC 1.0, 1.2
Supports IPTV feature
Supports LAN cable connection
The device supports "WIFI" operation by connecting a Wi-Fi piece (sold separately