The best places to put the router


The best places to put the router

The best places to put the router and strengthen the WiFi signal
Weak or lack of Wi-Fi signal is one of the most common problems for computer and Internet users in homes or offices, work and others, as well as disabling the router for various reasons, and what many do not know is that there are many factors that affect the arrival of the Wi-Fi signal inside the home and benefit from and use the Internet Without problems, the number of walls, cupboards, books, closed and small rooms, and other factors. That is why there are many tips for placing the router in suitable places so that you can reach the Wi-Fi signal without problems and surf the Internet quickly.

1 - A high, central and open place

It is preferable to place the router in a comfortable and open place, whether in a room or the center of the house, and this is an excellent location for the device so that this leads to the distribution of the Wi-Fi signal and the Internet evenly, as well as strengthening the internet and the signal throughout the house as well as in the surrounding areas. This also helps in the conduct of the emitted electromagnetic signals From the router, placing the device in open places leads to the work of the router faster and works without impeding its movement of the many objects inside the house, as well as these high places, mitigate the bad and negative effects of these signals on humans, with regard to human health from these signals It causes brain damage and heart weakness, according to some medical studies and research, if it is not dealt with rationally, and the last thing is to put the router in an open and well-ventilated place.

2 - Put it in a place close to your use

The second step is to put the router in a place close to your work and use, especially when you connect and use the Internet via Wi-Fi. The many uses of the computer require you in most cases to put the router in a place near you, taking into account some conditions, the most important of which is not to be in a closed room because you will not benefit The signal is enough and maybe intertwined via the WiFi signal with the rest of the other devices such as the smartphone if it is found in the same room and near the router and because it is in a closed room even if the router is close to you and for your uses, put it near the computer or the nearest place you use and work on it often What we hear is that it is a wrong idea, yes, it is true, but placing the router near you and in a closed room, in addition to neglecting it, then you will not benefit from the strength of the Wi-Fi and Internet signals.

3- Keep it away from other electronic devices 

Other electronic devices negatively affect the performance of the router and will not benefit from the full Wi-Fi signal and the speed of the Internet, and these devices that are recommended to remove the router from them are cooling devices and TVs, especially those that work with the same Wi-Fi, metal objects, smartphones, regular phones, and tablets, add to that something that may surprise you You should put the router away from it, which is the mirror because it reflects the Wi-Fi signal.

4 - Orient the router antennas correctly

Most routers include a number of antennas, most of them are 2 or more, and some have up to 8 antennas. Some routers do not have an antenna, and these antennas help direct the transmission. With this number of antennas, it is better not to install them in the same direction, but in different directions. In terms of the main devices, and by making them perpendicular to each other, place the first horizontal, the second vertical, and the rest at different angles to cover the antennas and their coverage angles.

 5 - Wi-Fi heat mapping 

  The wi-fi heat mapping application or similar applications allow you to create coverage maps that show you the appropriate places for better coverage of the wireless network in your home or the places where the coverage is weak or not, and this also helps you change the position of the router or antennas or make access points New or any of the other measures, in order to strengthen the signal of the wireless Wi-Fi network, improve the speed of the Internet and make full use of it.

Other steps:

Choosing a suitable router 
Limit the number of connected devices 
Change device security settings from wep to wpa/wpa2 
The use of Repeater wifi is a piece or tool used in homes or large offices such as companies or similar, and when it is installed in different places according to the area of ​​the house or office, it delivers the WiFi signal to the places that it does not reach

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