How to get your Google AdSense account back


How to get your Google AdSense account back after being hacked is 100% guaranteed.

Recently, a lot of brothers are asking questions in the live broadcast about recovering their Google AdSense accounts after they have been hacked! I don't really know if this is a new phenomenon in the Arab world, but I really noticed the increase in complaints about the hacking of Google accounts. 

Therefore, in this lesson, I will show you how we tried to recover many of the hacked accounts in the live broadcast that I am doing, and thankfully, the majority of them have recovered their accounts.

My friend's method is very simple! First, you will enter the link below. You will fill out the form as follows: 

In the first box, you will fill in your full name as it is found in the hacked account. 
In the second box, you will write the email through which Google AdSense will contact you.
In the third field, you will write the hacked email with which you log in to Google AdSense 
In the fourth box, you will need to write your Google ID. If you no longer remember it, you will find it in the ads on your site.

Then you will choose the second option as shown in the image above

Regarding the question: Does this issue occur in a different browser or on another computer
Fill in the investment with YES

Regarding the question: What ad blocking or personal firewall software do you have installed, if any

Do not fill in the box, leave it as is

In the country field, choose the country from which you created the account 
In the next box, type your website link
In the last box, upload a copy of your ID card.

Be sure my friend, after following these steps, your account will be restored, and the method is 100% guaranteed