9 hidden Facebook pages that will help you a lot


9 hidden Facebook pages that will help you a lot

Using the social network Facebook requires you to also be aware of some pages that will help you when you suffer from a problem with your account, and also help you connect to Facebook and make changes to your account, so here in this topic you will find 9 hidden pages where you will find all your questions regarding this social network, I took them Based on the questions I ask.


The pages are:

Change your name page
 On this page you can request to change your name on Facebook without waiting 60 days.
Create a fake Facebook account  
On this page, you can create a fake account without the need for your phone number and also without an email, but you must have an official account before. 
Unblocking Links 
 If Facebook has blocked your site link or other link, you can request that this ban be removed from this page.
Request to verify your page 
On this page, you will learn all the information related to verifying your Facebook page.
Permanently delete your account 
If you are looking to permanently or temporarily remove your Facebook account, this  page is for  you.
Sent Friend Requests 
On this page you will find all the friend requests you've sent and I recommend removing them if time has passed so that you won't be blocked.
Liked Pages 
If you click on this link, it will take you directly to the pages you have liked on Facebook.
Recover a disabled or deleted account 
On this page you can contact Facebook in order to recover an account for you that has been disabled or banned
Recover a closed Facebook page 
Facebook pages are also subject to deletion and ban, and until you retrieve them, just enter the link above and contact them.

These were the most important hidden Facebook pages, and in case you have a question about a problem, do not forget to put it in a comment and I will try to add other links.