Free tool to check valid mailing list

Free tool to check valid mailing list of up to 10,000 email addresses in one click
Free tool to check valid mailing list of up to 10,000 email addresses in one click
Email verification tools are one of the tools marketers cannot do without when considering an email marketing plan. These tools allow you to check your email list for invalid mail addresses, as well as mail addresses that can be discarded. In this new tutorial, we'll share with you breadcrumbs, a service that can verify a single email address as well as an email list of up to 10,000 contacts for free. The service is very handy for cleaning your email list with one click. It also provides useful and reliable results. If you use HubSpot for your email marketing campaigns, this tool will be perfect for you to clean up your email lists as it is integrated with them. The next great feature of the tool is that it can check an entire email list if you have a HubSpot account.All you have to do is connect your HubSpot account, choose an email list, let it check it out, and you'll get a report on the final results. 

At first, you will go to the service website from this link . If you have one mail that you want to check its validity, it can be entered in this field.

If you have a list of contacts you want to check their validity. The service is integrated with the HubSpot platform. It is enough just to link your account to the contact list of up to 10,000 emails for free and with one click.

After waiting for some time, you will get results for 2 valid mail addresses and those that can be discarded for insufficiency and poor quality.