Message evaluation.. a new feature in WhatsApp Business


Message evaluation.. a new feature in WhatsApp Business

Facebook is improving the functionality of the WhatsApp Business app by adding a messaging feature for business accounts. This feature will allow users to rate messages from companies to give them feedback.

Reports indicate that this feature has been rolled out to users of the beta version on Android, and a few iPhone users mentioned that it was added to them.

This message rating feature will allow users to rate the message with stars, with a maximum of five stars and a minimum of one star. There is still no option to provide feedback directly to WhatsApp Business accounts yet.

WABetaInfo searched the latest WhatsApp beta for Android to discover this new message rating feature. This feature is enabled for beta users and previous version users may also be able to take advantage of the feature. While many users on the WhatsApp beta version for Android are getting it, the feature tracker reported that some users are also receiving it on the WhatsApp beta version for iPhone as well.

How private are reviews on WhatsApp Business
According to WABetaInfo, when you rate a message, WhatsApp can't see its content and can't tell who rated that message because the comments are anonymous. It is said that the feature does not break the end-to-end encryption of the message, thus classified messages remain invisible to those in charge of the WhatsApp application.

However, regular WhatsApp accounts and WhatsApp Business accounts can be able to see public comments about messages sent by the company, but they won't be able to see who rated them. In its rating alert, WhatsApp notes that these ratings are meant to help companies improve their messaging to customers.

How to rate a message on WhatsApp Business
Sort messages, give feedback, only work with WhatsApp Business accounts. Also, this feature is only available when you receive a message from business accounts.

To rate a message received in a WhatsApp conversation - tap and hold on a message to open a dialog. Earlier, the “Report” option to appear next to “Copy” was used to mark some inappropriate messages as spam. Now, a new "ratio" option has also been added for beta users.