Youtube Keywords Ready Youtube Keywords


Youtube Keywords Ready Youtube Keywords

The best Arabic keyword extraction site for YouTube
For the video to top on YouTube for search results, it is not easy until your work is clean and worth watching, and this is the truth. Because this depends on the title, thumbnail, description and keywords, and our topic today is how to get ready and strong keywords for your YouTube videos.

We know that there are many sites that provide you with very many keywords, including the Keyword Tool, and for me this is a site that gives you random and non-targeted keywords, even though you gave it the address you want to get its own keywords, and this is not recommended before YouTube so that you should not enter keywords that are not related to the content of the video, there are also sites that give you targeted keywords that will make your videos in YouTube take the lead after the passage of time, but the video cannot be how it was to be uploaded to YouTube and once targeted keywords top the search in the day The first, except in one case, which is if the channel is large and famous or the owner of the channel is famous.

 Get powerful keywords for your videos

I will share with you on this topic a more than wonderful site that offers you ready-made targeted keywords called Rapidtags. You will find the website link at the bottom of the post. In the first box, you type the name you want to get keywords for, and the name must consist of one, two or three names as well. I explained in the following video, you have clicked on the search, and in the second box it gives you the target keywords related to the title of your video. You can edit or copy all the keywords by clicking on the copy icon.
 Link to the site to generate keywords ready for YouTube: