3 cryptocurrencies that may rise strongly

3 cryptocurrencies that may rise strongly in the rest of 2021

With the continued rise of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market, eyes are turning to cheaper cryptocurrencies to make good profits from the expected rise.

With less than two months left this year, the price of Bitcoin could go to $100,000 as expected, followed by strong gains for the alternative cryptocurrency.

Here are 3 cryptocurrencies that are on the lookout and may rise strongly for the rest of this year.

XRP . Ripple

This digital currency made good gains compared to its price, which fell from 3.8 dollars to 0.15 dollars in the last crisis, and we currently find the price of Ripple at 1.3 dollars.

The digital currency is supposed to rise strongly in this wave, but it is suffering due to the cases in court against the US Exchange Commission, which wants to prove that it is securities and not digital currencies.

Had it not been for these problems, this currency would have been the third largest digital currency in the world today at a price exceeding at least $5, which would bring huge profits to investors.

But it is still early days, and with a few trillion dollars expected to enter the market, Ripple will get a higher price.

Fintech startup Ripple announced Tuesday that it will launch a new product that will allow financial services companies to offer their customers the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

The San Francisco-based company said the feature, called Liquidity Hub, will give its institutional clients access to digital assets from a range of sources including market makers, exchanges and OTC trading desks.

This new and useful market product is expected to increase the attractiveness of its encrypted digital currency, which is used by many financial institutions to transfer money between countries of the world.

Coin Steller Stellar

Its competitor, Stellar, is also working on solving the problem of banks and financial institutions in the world, but it is less popular and the number of its clients is less, and it may face the same centralization problem.

With the completion of the protocol upgrade, announced by the Stellar Development Foundation, developers can now create liquidity pools without the need for smart contracts, this also eliminating the high gas fees that typically plague such transactions.

This development deepens Stellar Lumens' involvement in the DeFi space, and the company is focusing on this area in particular.

Stellar is available at a price of $0.39 and can reach $1 in the current rally, and many are betting on it, especially as it is one of the most reliable currencies in this field.

Currency Aatkoan Litecoin

It is one of the traditional digital currencies with great credibility, and the price of Litecoin has currently reached $230, making a jump of about $20 in the past hours.

Its price is still below the historical record of $377, but it is possible to surpass this level in the current upward wave.

The move comes as investors look to asset classes to combat inflation fears, with the Federal Reserve tapering, the Consumer Price Index rising to levels not seen in some time and the potential for higher interest rates on the horizon, investors are looking to cryptocurrencies like Litecoin as a hedge.

It is not excluded that this digital currency will reach at least $ 1,000 in the coming months, and it is one of the cryptocurrencies that have the potential to reach this number and much more.