5 projects that you can implement and profit from


5 projects that you can implement and profit from 

Many want to establish investment projects that guarantee them income permanently, to help them provide for their needs, but what many do not know is that it does not require huge funds, but rather the project can be started with a small amount.

Dr. Ali Al-Idrissi, a member of the Egyptian Association for Economics and Legislation, believes that a person is not supposed to have huge funds to create a project of his own, as there are projects that can bring you profit with small amounts that you pay at the beginning, and their return will be great in the long run if they succeed.

Projects in which you can invest your money and make a profit
Al-Idrisi explained to Al-Watan that there are many projects that can be launched and invested in and profit through, with an amount ranging from 20,000 to 50,000 pounds, and anyone who takes their first steps towards the world of finance and investment can invest a small amount, which are as follows: :

Sewing workshop project

The sewing workshop project spread due to the desire of many to make clothes instead of buying them ready-made, so the sewing workshop is one of the most promising projects, but it needs time, patience and effort to succeed.

Plastic Bags Manufacturing

This project has gained widespread popularity recently, due to the increased demand for plastic bags, whether in household uses, shops, restaurants, and others.

Selling household items

It is possible to rent a shop to sell household appliances, as it will not cost you much and will generate a lot of profits, as household appliances are among the consumer goods that not everyone stops buying.

photocopy office

The idea of establishing a center to provide printing and photocopying services has been widely popular, to provide its services to a large segment of school and university students, shops, government departments, and ordinary individuals. The cost of the project ranges from 20 to 25 thousand pounds from purchasing a photocopier.

You can also establish a computer center specialized in graphics, designs, and services related to decoration.

animal production projects

Al-Idrisi said that a person can buy goats, sheep or buffaloes at a young age, and the person raises them and then sells them, which makes a lot of profit.

Tips before starting your own business

The economist advised those who are about to establish various projects to have prior experience, explaining: "One enters the need and he understands it, he cannot enter and just try."

The expert enumerated important matters that must be taken into account when entering into a new project, as follows:

Partnership is important when creating projects. It is better to form a team to distribute profit and loss to everyone.

Seeking the help of experienced people, listening to their advice and observations, and focusing on their reactions when you tell them your ideas in order to benefit from them.

- Making a feasibility study for the project is one of the important matters that must be carried out accurately, in order to know the production and operating expenses, as well as studying the nature of the place, whether it is rent or ownership.

- The use of the Enterprise Development Authority, which publishes many feasibility studies for several projects, which can assist those wishing to invest.