A great application for downloading from YouTube


A great application for downloading from YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram and all movie watching sites

Certainly, most Android phone users are constantly looking for applications to download from YouTube in MP3 or MP4 format of different quality, or download video from Facebook, as well as download audio clips from SoundCloud and other movie and video sites such as Dailymition and Instagram. The interesting thing is that there are many applications on the Store Google Play to perform these tasks, but they are very specific. Among the many different applications, you may find an application for downloading from YouTube and converting the format to MP3 or a dedicated application for downloading from SoundCloud, as well as some applications very similar to browser applications such as IDM Internet Download Manager for downloading from different sites.

Now, the matter is very different with the VidMate application with its latest update, which supports downloading from almost all websites, without a doubt, and there is no need to download all these applications to get a quick and easy download of everything you want, because it now supports even downloading from YouTube, and this is a feature that was previously lacking. Now the application has become a very interesting thing. You can download from YouTube in all available formats and quality for video, SoundCloud, Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram, and various movie watching sites on the web. Even downloading cases from WhatsApp did not leave it alone. Here are some features of the application.

The application itself is considered a browser and a file browser and it has many excellent features that will save you from installing many applications because you will not need them anymore, and did you know that you can dispense with the YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, and even Chrome browser!!!! And browse all the aforementioned from the application itself (and at all times carry anything on your way) for this reason, Google Play refuses to upload the application on its own platform.

The application also contains a high-definition video player through which you can watch the maximum quality supported by your phone. There are many features that I cannot mention all, such as the secure storage of the files that you have recently downloaded, a feature that will certainly benefit you, and others, but I will leave you to discover it alone after downloading the application and we would like to know Your opinion through the comments, do not hesitate to interact with us and publish the article with your friends so that everyone can benefit from you.

Download the app: Download VidMate APK