A new feature has been revealed on WhatsApp

Pictured: A new feature has been revealed on WhatsApp
Pictured: A new feature has been revealed on WhatsApp

The Wabetainfo website, which specializes in detecting and monitoring the latest features on the WhatsApp chat and instant messaging platform, said the new feature will undoubtedly impress users, as it relates to the possibility of deleting content in communications on the platform.

It is known that WhatsApp launched the ability to delete messages for everyone about four years ago, and the limit was set to delete content in a period of 7 minutes, and after some time, WhatsApp launched a new update that allows deleting messages after exactly one hour and 8 minutes, but it seems The platform is soon going to launch a new update that will allow messages to be deleted after a relatively longer time than is currently available.

Where Wabetainfo said that WhatsApp is working on a new version of “Delete for Everyone”, to extend the limit to a new, unspecified time in a future update, and according to the screenshot image that the site transmitted, the new version of the “Delete Messages for Everyone” feature allows deleting a message that has been deleted. It was submitted three months ago, but the site stresses that things may change completely before the final release and nothing is always confirmed until a feature is activated for beta testers.

The site also added that it does not know if the WhatsApp application will also allow deleting sent messages before this feature is activated, as there is currently no known release date for this feature.