amounts will not be deducted from your bank card

In this way, the amounts will not be deducted from your bank card after the trial period ends
In this way, the amounts will not be deducted from your bank card after the trial period ends

You may have seen ads online or on social media for tempting services that you would like to try but without paying to subscribe. In many cases, some services are offered for limited periods of time to customers for free in the form of a trial, so that they can familiarize themselves with the service and discover its value before actually paying for its use on a monthly or yearly basis. Free trials can give you a sneak peek into the service, but they're not meant to be truly free. The goal is to introduce you to the product or service so that you decide to keep it and pay for it after the trial period ends. Usually you have to present your credit card to get the free trial. In this way, the company can charge you a fee if you do not cancel the card before the trial period ends as the subscription amount will be deducted automatically even if you have not yet decided to subscribe to the service.To solve this problem, today we are going to share with you a free extension for Google Chrome that will alert you to cancel trial service fees when the free period is due to expire and prevent withdrawals from your bank wallet. 

Trial Reminders is a free extension for Google chrome that can be accessed from the Google Extensions Market. After installation, you will be signed in with your Google account.

The extension alerts you to cancel the trial period or renew the subscription for the services you have subscribed to before you automatically deduct the amounts from the bank card. After opening the extension, you will find the option Add a Trial, where you will fill in the empty fields with information about the trial service. Information such as e-mail, free trial expiration period, service link, as well as the date of the unsubscribe alert.

After completing the previous step, the services whose trial period has expired will appear in the list. You can arrange the list by most recent or nearest expiration date. When the payment deadline approaches, you will receive an email reminding you of this, and you can then make the decision that seems right for you.