Applications that must be removed immediately from Android phones

Applications that must be removed immediately from Android phones

Seven applications for Android phones were found carrying the Joker scam, although these applications were removed from the Google Play Store after being flagged as dangerous. Users are expected to have downloaded it and may still have it in their smartphone. Can Joker programs fraudulent infiltration into smart phones capable of user subscription payment services without permission.

Seven apps you must remove from Android phones
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EmojiOne keyboard;
Battery Charging Animations Battery Wallpaper;
Dazzling Keyboard;
Volume Booster Loud Sound Equalizer;
 Super Hero Effect;
and Classic Emoji Keyboard.
Among these apps, EmojiOne Keyboard has been downloaded by 50,000 users. However, none of the apps have had a large number of downloads, except for EmojiOne Keyboard.

How were these apps discovered?
Fake apps carrying scams were first discovered by Kaspersky Android malware analyst, who said the apps are used to spread joker malware.

Kaspersky has taken to Twitter to warn about these seven apps. The analyst, named Tatyana Shishkova, also highlighted a group of Android apps on the Google Play Store that are loaded with other fake programs.

Users are always strongly advised by experts, not to download applications for Android phones from external sources other than the Google Play Store. And the same for iPhone phones with the Apple App Store. As applications downloaded from outside of these official stores may contain fraudulent software, it is advised to check the comments in the applications before downloading them to see if it is safe to install the application.