Best online games site without downloading for free for PC


Best online games site without downloading for free for PC

If you are looking for an online gaming site, in this article we will learn about the 10 best online game sites without downloading that you can enjoy for free on your computer. We will provide various sites in this area so that you have a list of the best computer games sites without downloading only through the browser. You can enjoy this site for free without paying anything. Just enter the site through the browser and enjoy a group of the best online games for PC without downloading.

1- Roblox site

- When we talk about a site for online games for the computer without downloading, the first choice should be Roblox. This site contains hundreds of thousands of browser games that can be enjoyed for free. Where the site provides users with the possibility of programming and designing games through the site, so we find a lot of games available on it.

- The site is characterized by containing online games for the computer in all sections. All you have to do is login to the site and create an account for free. After that, you can enter the site and modify your Roblox character and then browse and enjoy the games in the sections you like.

2- GameHag

GameHag is the best online gaming site for those looking to profit from electronic games . This site provides a feature that is not available in most other gaming sites which is that it gives points to players for using and playing on the site. 

These points can then be exchanged for a range of prizes such as buying paid games, free gift cards for Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, Steam, Kinguin and others.

- in addition to; Points can be collected on the site by logging in daily to the site, doing some side tasks and others, and the more you use the site and collect points; The higher you rank, the more points you can collect easily. It is one of the distinctive sites that you can enjoy and achieve financial returns as well.

3- Crazy Games website

Crazy Games is also one of the distinguished sites for those looking for a games site without downloading online, and it contains games in all categories, there are computer horror and excitement games, action games, car racing games, shooting games and other categories. Also, the site does not need to create an account to use it, you can go to the link and start playing directly.

- After entering the site, you will find the game ratings at the top. You can enter the category that suits you and browse the games, or you can search directly in the search box for the name of a specific game you want, then open the game and press Play and wait for a while until the game appears on the browser and then you can enjoy the game.

4- iTech website

- This site also provides users with absolutely free online games without downloading that can be enjoyed via the browser. 

The advantage of this site that most other sites do not provide is that in case you like a particular game and want to keep it; On the site, you will find an option to download games to your computer so that you can enjoy them when you are not connected to the Internet.

- One of the advantages of this site is that most of the games available on it are suitable for those looking for games for weak and medium devices, and they are suitable for Windows, Mac and Linux devices. And a covenant on that; You can still use it as an online browser game site without downloading.

5- AGame website

- The site offers a group of the best games without downloading online that can be played directly via the browser, without registration, and completely free of charge, and it is distinguished by its provision of many games that need two players, as well as multiplayer games. 

All the categories of games you might be looking for are available for free on the site.

The site also provides the ability to play Android games via the browser, meaning that it works like an online Android emulator and includes a good number of Android game applications. 

This site also has the advantage that it provides a video under each game that helps you understand it and know any important thing about the game so that you can enjoy it without problems.

6- Miniclip site

- The next site with us in this list is Miniclip, a site that provides games without downloading online for the browser, and provides most of the features provided by the previous sites, and it has an easier user interface; In addition to its support for Android games, the site also contains a collection of online games for iPhone that you can enjoy.

- You can watch the most popular games in recent days, in addition to the latest games that have been added to the site, and also the most rated games on the site easily, and by pressing the button in this way ⇛ inside the site you will see all the available game classifications that you can choose from as you want.

7- Arkadium site

If you are looking for a strategy games site for PC online without downloading, then you are looking for Arkadium. This site is distinguished from the rest of the sites in that it specializes in strategy games, card games and puzzles such as crossword puzzles and other entertaining and useful games at the same time to stimulate the mind.

- The site also provides a collection of the best free cross-browser brain games that can be enjoyed without downloading. 

The site does not need to register an account on it in order to use it, and you also do not need to download anything, just enter the site through the browser and enjoy playing.

8- Retro Games website

- If you are a veteran of video games, you will definitely enjoy Retro Games. This site specializes in collecting old video games such as Atari, Sega, Nintendo, PlayStation and other games that many children have been enjoying for many years, and are now available for free online via the browser.

- The site also contains many flash games from the old games that we used to enjoy, and in case you find a game that does not work, just press the Swtich to Flash Emulator button in order to fix this problem.

9- Addicting Games website

Addicting Games is also an online games website without browser download where you can enjoy thousands of free games of any kind. It also features that there is no need to register and create an account on the site in order to use it. 

On the site there are games of intelligence, shooting, racing, strategy games and other categories.

- What is distinctive about Addicting Games is that it contains multiplayer games that you can play with other players instead of playing against the computer or playing alone, which is one of the great features of this site. 

All you need is to enter the site from the link below, choose the game you want, and then press the Play button.

10- Silvergames -website

We conclude this list with Silvergames, one of the best sites that provide free PC games without downloading . On this site you will find a lot of entertaining games that you can enjoy via the browser in all the available games categories. Also, the site does not need to register or create an account in order to use it.

Silvergames also offers multiplayer games so you can play with real people, and new games are added periodically to the site. It is one of the best sites that will be a suitable destination for those looking for online games without downloading for the computer.