best online intelligence games without downloading for free


The best online intelligence games without downloading for free

Intelligence games are one of the best types of video games at all, because they help players acquire new skills, and there are several types of them suitable for all age groups. 

As well as online or without the Internet. In previous articles, we learned about the best games in other fields, so we learned about the best free PC horror games, and we also learned about the best Battle Royale games for PC and other games. In today's article, we will learn about the best free Arabic intelligence games suitable for all users.

1- Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular online computer games ever, with more than 100 million players. The idea of this game is that there is nothing specific that needs to be completed in order to progress in the game, but rather the player is free to choose the things he wants to do within the game, it is one of the open world games that has several modes of play, and it is perfectly suitable for children as well grownups.

- Within the game, you can take advantage of the sand to build models and place mines on them so that other players do not steal them. You can also benefit from a wide range of materials available within the game such as iron and metals to build better models, and there are 5 phases that the player can play in. It is one of the fun video games that you must try.

2- Travian game

One of the best RPG games for PC is Travian. This game includes thousands of players from around the world who come together and rely on their wits to turn a small village into the miracle of the world, that is, turn it into a huge economic and military power that no other village can compete with. Where players need to occupy lands within the game and then build the village until it reaches the miracle of the world.

- Not only that, but the players after building the miracle must fortify it and build the defenses well, because it will be exposed to attacks to try to destroy it. Therefore, it is one of the best free Arab intelligence games that you can enjoy by implementing the strategies you deem necessary, and taking advantage of the resources available with the utmost intelligence to reach the miracle of the world.

3- Elvenar game

Elvenar is a distinguished strategy and intelligence game that is considered one of the best browser games , and it allows players to choose their characters either from the human race or from the jinn, and the playing strategy can be chosen between building and developing cities and engaging in strategic battles to control the resources within the game, the decision is up to is yours.

- The game is characterized by its lightness on the browser, it is one of the best games for weak and medium devices, and the game is characterized by the presence of a large map that you can explore and find the cities of other players and establish relationships with them for support, or you can engage in a fight to control these cities and their resources, it is one of the best war games Free strategy available.

4- Ultimate Pirates

One of the most popular online brain games is Ultimate Pirates. Players in this game experience the life of pirates and battles against each other and against huge sea monsters for control of the seven seas, and these battles require a high degree of tactical planning in order to win the battles against other players.

- Players from all over the world can unite together to form alliances to eliminate their enemies and loot weapons and loot. There are also battles against sea monsters, and all the battles need you to plan cleverly in order to win.

5- Forge of Empires

- One of the unique brain and intelligence games is the game Forge of Empires. The idea of the game is to develop the cities that were built from the Stone Age to reach them to the highest possible degree of development, by taking advantage of the in-game buildings that provide coins, building materials and other necessary tools in order to get the best possible development.
- The game is available on the browser, you can play it directly by entering the following link and registering an account on the site, and start developing your own city, developing smart strategies to obtain the necessary resources for this.

6- Dominoes game

- Dominoes is one of the most popular games ever, and it is also one of the brain games that depends on building a strategy in order to play according to the cards you own, and it is also characterized by the small number of its cards, which is only 28, and it is easy to memorize and remember these cards and play on Prediction, this game can also be played against other people online and chat with them online. It is one of the best free educational games to stimulate memory.
- You can enter the game link from the bottom, after that you can register an account on the site or log in as a guest without registering, after that you will click on the “new playing table” button, then we will choose the place to play from the top right by pressing the number 1 or 2, then we will wait for the site Find a competitor and the game will start right away.

7- Chess game

- If we are talking about free and fun brain games, then there is no doubt that we should talk about chess. This game is one of the most popular mind and puzzle games ever, as it dates back to the sixth century AD, and currently on the Internet there are millions of chess matches between people from all over the world, and you can also be among those people.

- There is no doubt that this game helps you to develop your intelligence through a variety of ways to play and explore brain puzzles in order to win. All you need in order to play chess online is to enter the following link, you do not need to register or otherwise, just log in and press the "play" button and then "play as a guest", and you will start playing one of the best online strategy games available at all.

8- Free The Key

We conclude with you the list of the best online intelligence games with Free The Key. This game is one of the fun intelligence games that is similar to the puzzle game, but it does not need a lot of thinking like the previous games, it is a simple game, but at the same time you need intelligence to play. 

The game simply depends on the presence of a key in the middle of a group of stones, and you have to remove the key from the center of these stones to the door.

- The free game is available on a free site, which is Pokee, which is one of the best sites to download computer games or play them online. The way to play is easy, it is a brain game for children and adults as well, you just need to enter the link, then you will start playing by trying to move the stones horizontally and vertically in order to make room for the key to exit to its destination, just enter the following link.