Canada approves Pfizer vaccine for children

Canada approves Pfizer vaccine for children

The Canadian Ministry of Health has approved the “Pfizer” vaccine against Corona to vaccinate children, and allowed doses to be given to children from five to eleven years old.

The ministry said: The vaccine is 90.7 percent effective in protecting children from COVID-19, and no serious side effects have been identified.

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She added, "After a comprehensive and independent scientific review, the Ministry decided that the benefits of this vaccine for children aged five to eleven years outweigh its risks," with doses representing a third of the amount given to adolescents and adults.

On Wednesday, the White House said that about 10 percent of eligible children between the ages of five and eleven had received a dose of the "Pfizer" vaccine since the government approved their age group about two weeks ago.

At least 2.6 million children received a single dose of the vaccine, White House pandemic coordinator Jeff Zentes said, noting that 1.7 million doses were given in the past week alone, double the pace in the first week after approval.