Download GTA 3 for PC


Download GTA 3 for PC highly compressed from Mediafire

Download GTA 3 game for PC with a single link from Media Fire, size 270 MB. Enjoy downloading GTA 3, which is rich in excitement and adventure in the streets of Liberty City, which is characterized by its realism and simulation of the American state of New York in all its details. In this version of the GTA game you are going to engage in different types of tasks .

Among the most famous tasks that you can do after downloading GTA 3 for the computer are car thefts, banks and interesting chases with the most dangerous Japanese and Italian gangs, as well as the police forces that chase you wherever you go, giving a huge amount of movement and action in increasingly difficult tasks.

Information about downloading GTA 3 for PC:

the way of playing :
The way to play after downloading GTA 3 from Mediafire depends on freely moving in the virtual world within the game and completing the basic or side tasks of theft, chases, fighting and shooting, these tasks include a number of instructions and additions in the events of the story and characters, you can move to complete the tasks by running, walking, and driving the multiple vehicles available in front of you while following the map at the bottom left of the screen.

Always be wary of your health index into force you because of receiving many attacks and bullets or getting caught in one of the traps of explosives, or because of clashes cars, you can after download game Jatta 3 use protective shields to survive these events, can also capture re - tools is full of life Or health to complete the tasks of the stage, but in the event that your life ends, the game directs you to a hospital and then you lose some of your weapons, money and armor.

Vehicles and cars:

You can enjoy more than 81 different vehicles including police cars, huge trucks, and military vehicles that have the ability to withstand a huge amount of shocks, as well as the fastest options available to you, which are mafia cars such as Cheetah, Mafia Sentinel that can be very easily acquired and exploited to move from one place to another To complete the missions of the game.

Since most of the adventures and events that you will see after downloading the GTA 3 game for the computer are usually inside a car, the developer has added many options and commands that can be done inside the car in different situations, for example, you can steal any car in the playing environment, or drive in a way Smooth and easy.

You can also accelerate, brake, skid or jump from a burning car, or even if you want to completely destroy your car, all of these factors vary greatly from vehicle to vehicle to provide a more comprehensive experience while playing.

More about downloading GTA 3 from Mediafire:

GTA 3 virtual world:
The events of GTA 3 take place in a virtual city that simulates the truth in the smallest details that are not limited to scenes and backgrounds only, but also in the way of interacting with those elements and the details of the playing environment as well. game events.

After you have downloaded the GTA 3 game for PC with one link from Mediafire, you may enjoy a lot of exploration with your luxury car in three districts within the city of Liberty City, each with a different design and aesthetic elements.


There you will find a huge number of wonderful weapons waiting for you after downloading the game GTA 3 from Media Fire, they are gradually made available as you manage to complete the tasks as required, as well as you can fight physical battles with other characters and beat them by hitting, kicking and fighting skills.

Take advantage of Molotov cocktails and grenades to throw them at the chasing cars, this weapon is dangerous and easy to use at the same time and can cause severe and deadly damage to competitors, all this and more with downloading GTA 3 on the computer.

You can also control sniper rifles, rocket launchers and flames with great ease and move them to the desired place. These weapons have a wide range of shooting and cause huge and accurate damage, and they will be your primary means of hitting armored and bulletproof armored objects.

The most important advantages of downloading GTA 3 for the computer:
A wide variety of missions from robbery, killing, pursuit, exploration and smuggling are all graded in difficulty.
GTA 3 has an advanced level of graphics, visual and sound effects as well as a quick response to the player's commands.
Downloading GTA 3 for PC gives the player more control over completing the tasks in the manner and time that he likes.
All missions assigned to the player are related to exciting events in the game's story.
Vehicles and weapons are equipped with a precise control system that allows many options for the player.