Electronic hypocrisy in the virtual world

Electronic hypocrisy in the virtual world 

Electronic hypocrisy in the virtual world and its impact on the individual and society

Love, synergy, anger, solidarity, feelings that have become applied electronically, even kinship ties. There are many characteristics, but the idea is one, which is describing feelings and exaggerating them with pictures, messages, and influential videos, and it included most of the ignorant and educated society groups, males and females, young and old. The minds were equal, so the role model was lost amid the huge number of people and their daily publications, and even beautiful things pass us quickly, and we hardly remember them, or draw lessons from them until they disappear, and some people live relationships and electronic life and prefer them to ordinary life.

The magic of electronic life

Electronic life has an impressive ecstasy that quickly turns into an addiction, due to the individual’s sense of fame and stardom through social networking sites, when interacting with its content, maximizing his achievements even if they are trivial, as well as focusing on the positive aspects and exaggerating them or completely opposite to unknown people, due to the possibility of appearing other than the true character of the person. , or name and identity.

The dangers of electronic hypocrisy

It lies in the spread of negative messages through empty content, as well as the idealization of influencers in their personal lives, and thus negatively affects those who follow their path with the aim of change, showing off pictures and videos of daily situations and exaggerating the promotion of trifles, as well as exaggerating reactions to things that are not worth stopping for. Exaggerating matters with the aim of achieving personal or material purposes, or satisfying a group of people and gaining their loyalty, psychological diseases that are manifested in the way and the abundance of answers, emojis, compliments, and responses, or just the opposite, such as bullying, insults and contempt, and many things that cause disgust.

Heroes of electronic hypocrisy

Members of the same family, showing other than what they support each other, on devices that are missing on reality, or settling accounts with publications expressing some situations, a playful and deceitful person with multiple accounts and relationships, who signs his prey with false heroic names, fictitious images and sweet words, as well as imaginary sellers, as well as imaginary sellers. She claims idealism in her life, and teaches others how to win their husbands while her husband actually misses her or chases others through these sites in his own way, or their lives are an unbearable hell, a mother who gives advice on raising children and her children in desperate need of her presence among them.

Lost teenage girls without parental control looking for legendary love, and what they imagined is real from what they watch in movies and series, young guys who admire their pictures behind the smoke that comes out of their mouths, or flaunting cars and motorcycles, the confusion between what we watch and what we read. Artificial saying what they do not, a lot of people are obsessed with these sites.

Negative results

Fascination with an alien culture and trying to discover and imitate it, thus losing the true personality of the individual, labyrinths of the huge amount of false news and compliments at the expense of what we believe in, moving away from the teachings of our true religion created an internal void that was settled by Satan.

Why all these things?

It is well-known about a person’s weakness and constant need, which is love, or flattery and praise by others, or glorifying his achievements. A fake they chose for themselves, each according to his circumstances and interests, but? Has technology served us or just changed us? Did we benefit from it as much as the time we wasted in it? Many questions that have no answers.

A message to every influencer

O influencer, do not be compliment at the expense of your personality, and do not be hypocritical at the expense of your religion, for eternal life needs to be more clear, so that you do not negatively affect others and they get lost in the maze of misguidance and you bear their burden because of his saying - may God bless him and grant him peace -: good work of her books after him as the reward of their work, and do not detract from their wages something. it is the age of Islam in a bad year he worked out after him wrote it, such as the burden of work out, and do not detract from their burdens nothing) Narrated by Muslim.