How to add borders in Google Docs


How to add borders in Google Docs

You need to add borders in Google Docs to make the documents more professional and more beautiful in a certain way to make the formatting distinct all the time and visually comfortable and make the document good to look at, of course this does not replace the essence of the file itself and what it contains of words, adding borders or not is just an aesthetic form, but the most important thing is It contains the same topic.

Add borders in Google Docs

Borders in a document don't help organize its contents better, but they do look nice. If you want to make the effort, you can apply different boundaries to each chapter and give the reader a visual clue that they are reading a new/different chapter, unfortunately Google Docs doesn't have a tool to add borders, if you want to use a border at the beginning of the speech each time you will have to set the boundaries Manually, we'll show you how to do it.

1. Create a table
You can create a 1 x 1 table and put the text inside the table. The downside of this method is that you

You will waste a lot of space along the page borders
You will need to manually insert a table on each page
Managing text, images, and tables within the table will be tedious
To insert table borders,
Go to Insert > Table.
Select the top left cell only so you get a 1 x 1 table.
Once inserted click inside the table.
Press Enter so the table height extends the length of the page.
At the top right you will see the Pen Tool.
Use the tools to change the color of the table borders.

2. Use the drawing tools in Google Docs
Google Docs does not have a border tool but it does have a drawing tool. You can use it to draw lines around the page and create a border.

Open a new Google Docs file
Go to Insert > Drawing > New.
In the window that opens, select the shape drawing tool.
Enter a rectangle shape
Make the rectangle itself empty
Change the line thickness and color.
Change the line style, i.e. dashed, dotted, etc.
Click Save.
Once the rectangle is inserted into the document, drag it out and fill the page.
Repeat for all pages.

3. Use a photo
This method will allow you to insert the most decorative border that you can use in Google Docs, it will also be difficult to work with, you need to find a sheet-sized picture frame, the image must be in PNG format to fully support transparency.

Open a document in Google Docs .
Go to Insert > Image.
Upload the image from your hard drive or a link.
Once inserted, adjust the image so that it acts as a border.
Make it behind text from the image options.

Page frame is not necessary to create beautiful content, look at us we don't use amazing frames and you love our content - sure you love our content? Take care of your writing itself by using clear sentences and using different words. There are many factors to improving your content and writing other than frames and borders, so pay attention to them.