How to easily know that someone blocked you on Facebook

How to easily know that someone blocked you on Facebook

Facebook offers the ability to remove a follower to give users more control over their experience on the platform and to help reduce abuse and harassment. But Facebook never notifies users when they are blocked or if someone has deactivated their account. However, there are some easy steps to check if someone has blocked you.

How to make sure that you have been blocked by someone on Facebook
There are several ways to find out if someone has blocked you on Facebook:

1- Search for the person in the search box on the application

If you have been blocked by someone, their profile will not appear in your search results. However, sometimes there may be some glitches, so you can't rely solely on that.

2- Find the person in the friends lists

You should try to search for the same profile in one of your friends list and if the person still does not exist and does not appear in the search results, it is very likely that they have blocked you.

3- Search for the person in the Google search engine

Another way to make sure you've been blocked is to head over to Google's search engine and search for the person, and see if their profile is still there.

Search for “Facebook [person’s name]” If you click on the profile and you see “Error” or “Content not available”, you have been blocked.

4- Send an invitation to this person

A simple way to find out if you've been blocked is by trying to send the person an invitation to an event or tagging them in a photo. If you can't do this you have been banned.

5- Find the person from another Facebook account

You can ask a friend to do a search for that person's Facebook account to see if the account is still active. If the account is still active, make sure you have been banned. If you want to make sure for yourself, you can create a new account and check it out!