List of necessary foods that are recommended after recovery from Corona


List of necessary foods that are recommended after recovery from Corona

With the advent of winter, cases of coronavirus infection began to increase, amid fears that the country would enter a fifth wave, especially with the significant increase in the number of infections in a number of countries and the imposition of closures to control the situation.

With cases of infection and recovery from the Corona virus, many are wondering about the procedures that they must follow after recovery and the most important foods that they must eat a lot of.

In the following report, we review a number of tips for people who have recovered from infection with corona to follow in their diet.

Diet for those recovering from Corona

Many nutrition and immunology experts stressed the need to include protein food in the diet after infection with the new Corona virus.

Experts recommended the need to eat whole food - up to 5-6 times a day, in small quantities, and to include protein foods in the diet, which are mandatory.

Experts advised that the diet should include chicken, turkey, beef, cottage cheese, eggs, sea fish, and nuts rich in healthy fats.

Experts called for the necessity of the presence of probiotics in the diet: fermented milk products, fermented cabbage, cereals, vegetables and fruits are important as a source of dietary fiber, as well as drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day.