One of the most important marketing books

One of the most important marketing books

 How do you make your product influential and alive in people's minds?

Have you ever wondered why you share photos of Starbucks coffee with your followers when you buy it or when you wear fancy clothes or even share a new idea, to look “cool”?! Or maybe why do you drink gases when eating for the sake of digestion, and what is their relationship to each other? On the other hand, and in general, what is the secret behind the spread of some products, stories and ideas that spread like wildfire? Have you ever wondered, my dear, why all this is happening when you don't know the reason behind it?

I tell you very briefly and with just one word, it is “marketing”. Yes, it is marketing that interferes with the psychological behavior of the customer. Therefore, in order for you to understand all the examples I mentioned earlier and to market your products and ideas in an effective and attractive way, I had to summarize for you the most important book that brought these ideas and explained them, which is the book “Contagious” by the American author Jonah Berger, as the book is said to read from its title The meaning is, how can you use certain steps to make any information spreadable from one person to another in an epidemic form?

The author believes that success is not the result of chance or circumstances, circumstances may help us sometimes, but success is an industry, so if you want your idea to become like a virus transmitted from one person to another, focus deeply and intensely on the application of these six elements summarized in the word (STEPPS).

• Social Currency

It is the nature of most people to feel privileged and happy when they share something beautiful, whether it is new, special, valuable or even strange. Desire to publish, it is our nature that we like to share new things and information that others do not know, because we feel that this has become our currency and we should share it.

In this case, you have information and a social currency that you want to share with others because it has a value and something new than the usual and distinguishes it from others, so you have more enthusiasm to share it with your colleagues; So if you want to apply the social currency method you have to apply these three points Try to find something unique and use technology and make people feel that they are part of the work.

And in fact, this is what the merchant of the blender company (Blendtech) did, as he marketed his product in a strange way that is completely out of the ordinary. He did not talk about the advantages, types or prices of the blender, but rather made a series of challenges on YouTube and called it What can the blender mix? He was mixing strange and valuable things, such as the iPhone 5, the Apple Watch, and the iPad, which made the matter spread widely, and people began to pass on this information due to its strangeness and being unique, which made him famous and his company became a strong social currency.

• Triggers

This means reminding people of your product, you might be wondering how? Easily, my friend, means to associate your product with a specific thing that is repeated in people's daily lives. This rule applies if there is X, there must be Y. To clarify this more, the author mentioned an example of the chocolate company “KitKat” where its sales in 2007 were stagnant and its It started to drop, so I thought of solving this problem, so it did an advertising campaign, but it used something new this time, as it linked their product to drinking coffee because coffee is something that is repeated in our daily lives.

So whenever people want to drink coffee, he rings the bell in their minds and alerts them to buy “katkat” to sweeten that coffee, and the results were amazing, as the company’s sales increased by 30%. There are so many examples of this where you find a product related to another product or a specific day as “Friday” by singer “Rebecca Black” which was the most ridiculous song ever in terms of performance, but achieved the highest listeners because it is associated with Friday. [Locally similar to it: Hello Thursday!]

So think with me for a moment and search in your imagination if you find such examples, didn't you think?! Think, my dear, do not rush to read, the important thing is, I have no doubt that you have found some examples that you were not aware of before. This is what psychological marketing does, or rather “studying customer behavior.” All you have to do is apply this method correctly and you will see the positive returns.


Emotions are an important element that motivates people to talk about your idea or product, because humans are by nature an emotional being and interact a lot when it comes to feelings and sensations that affect them. Emotion is the basis of our sadness, joy, anger and even our love. It is what motivates us, so try hard to enter the emotion in your idea or advertisement for your product; Because this will encourage people's emotions to interact and share that idea. For example, cheese and milk companies depict to customers that their products bring happiness to the family, especially children, as they portray the healthy growth of children and link it to their products, so they play here on the customer's emotional chord. But be careful not to use the emotion of sadness, because people do not like to share what grieves them.

• Public

Our decisions are influenced by those around us. Socially, most of our buying decisions are influenced by those around us from family, friends, neighbors or others. When some of your relatives buy a car, you are affected by it to buy a car like him. Have you noticed that Apple put its logo upside down on Macs? Yes, it's upside down for you because they want to target everyone you're sitting with, at work, in a library, in a coffee shop, or any public place where the logo appears to others that this is an Apple device.

• Practical value

The presence of this point in the latter does not mean that it is completely unimportant, on the contrary, it is very important to ensure the continuity of customers; Therefore, the practical value of your product or idea must be present, useful and have a positive impact, because people like to share knowledge and benefit to improve their lives. This point is closely adhered to the other points. Find an excellent and added value over the existing values in the market.


The author says that we only remember the information in the way it is told in the form of a story or anecdote. The author focused on the importance of linking the story and advertising with the product and linking them together, so that the story is only told and your product is mentioned. In a clearer sense, create a story related to the product itself, where the product is mentioned when the story is mentioned each time, and the closest example to this is what the owner of the blenders did, where he created a new story by mixing strange things and linking them to the product directly. Do not mention this story without mentioning the name of the blender company (Blendtech) . You must make the idea remember and pay attention to your idea and your project, otherwise there is no point in the story when it is told and the name of your product is not mentioned in it.

I tried to collect the most important ideas of the book in this article for your benefit, my dear, and I hope that you benefited even if it was a simple thing and did not waste your time with me. If you understand all the elements accurately then I think you don't need to read the book unless you want to know more details.