Positive thinking and negative thinking

Positive thinking and negative thinking

Positive thinking and negative thinking: The importance of the thoughts that revolve in our minds

Our daily life is characterized by several compulsions and successive events that make us interact with them differently from one individual to another, and from one event to another, depending on the situations we are exposed to, and these situations may lead us to show many interactions throughout the day, whether these interactions are positive or Negative, and when we react negatively to these situations, we expose ourselves to exhaustion and psychological pressure, which eventually leads us to suffer from psychological and physical repercussions, and this may lead to several psychological or organic diseases, God forbid.

And in order to avoid exposing ourselves to such repercussions that significantly affect our health and drain our vital energy, we must deal with these matters and events positively and look at them positively. The situation I was exposed to was look at it with a positive look, do not just look at the empty part of the cup, and even if it is difficult, look for a solution, and never stay in the problem, when you look for the solution, your subconscious mind will obey you and search for you for a solution The way will be easy for you, and follow the logic of the bee that always looks at everything that is beautiful and searches for nectar everywhere, and does not do the act of a fly whose only purpose is to search for dirt and evil things.

The map is not the reality

Also, do not rush to judge things, because you are not aware of what they are, as one of the principles of self-development and NLP says, “The map is not the reality,” and as it is said, every curse in it is a blessing. For example, I include here a simple story As a reinforcement of the above, it is said that he was once a king, and he had a close advisor who always looked at things with a positive outlook, so whenever something happened to the king, the advisor told him that it might be good, and one day the king was wandering around his palace accompanied by his advisor So they entered a room in which there is a mill that rotates through the water, so the advisor began explaining to the king how that mill works, and when the king approached very close to the mill and put his finger on it, the mill cut off the king’s finger, so his advisor began to console him and then said to him, “Maybe it will be fine.” The king became angry and ordered the imprisonment of his close advisor.

Days later, the king decided to go out on a hunting tour for several days, and this time his advisor was not accompanying him because he was in prison, of course. This forest is primitive people, so they found the king and carried him to their village to present him as an offering to their gods, and they decorated it and danced around it in preparation for offering it to their gods. His tribe that the king is not suitable as an offering to the gods because he is deficient, then they released him.

The king returned after several weeks to his palace, and found the sins in his country, believing that his people had died, so everyone in the palace rejoiced, and then the king ordered them to release his close advisor who was imprisoned, so they brought him to the king, when the advisor attended the king, and said to him In fact, I said really, perhaps it is good, for cutting off my finger is better for me, and if it wasn't for that, I would never have survived, and since that time the king has taken a positive view of things... The story is over.

We derive the positive from the positive

One of the requirements of a positive outlook is also to accompany the positive and stay away from the negative, for negativity is transgression. It is an energy that comes from the negative person and affects the one who sits with him until he becomes infected with it, and for this they said, “Whoever sleeps with a people forty nights becomes one of them.” You are looking forward to success and achieving your goals that you have set. Do not ever sit with someone who discourages you and puts thorns after thorns in the path of your success, and do not pay attention to what he says about you and you, for perhaps it is jealousy of you and your success, and on the contrary accompany someone who encourages you to achieve your goals and wishes You have success, and look for successful people and sit with them so that you can benefit from their experiences and encourage them.

There is another requirement for a positive outlook, which is optimism. Always be optimistic and look at a bright future full of achievements and success. The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said, “Be optimistic about good and you will find it.”

And your best companion here is a beautiful and wonderful smile, just as negativity transgresses, positivity and smile transgress as well. If you smile at someone, you will be surprised to find him smiling in your face as well. Did you know that the number of facial muscles that move the smile is less than the facial muscles when You are frowning and depressed, you spend less energy on smiling and get paid for it, as our Noble Messenger said, “Your smile in the face of your brother is charity.”

And finally, I hope that I have not made too much for you, and I also hope from God Almighty that this article will please you, and that the benefit will be widespread.

I wish everyone a wonderful positive outlook, a beautiful smile, a more beautiful life and great success.