REDBOX RX-999H1 Software Update

REDBOX RX-999H1 Software Update

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REDBOX RX-999H1 Software Update

REDBOX RX-999H1 Receiver software, an extraordinary update, one of the most important capabilities of the software, an original full version without modifications

In the software files, the size of the software is 4 megabytes, the update is the latest version of the software so far, through the software update work

A device, raising the efficiency and capabilities, and a comprehensive improvement in the device’s tool. The update recognizes most Wi-Fi flashes and receives the Internet.

REDBOX RX-999H1 Software
Rare software for REDBOX RX-999H1 receiver, the best software update so far through software that solves many problems

The device has increased the efficiency of the device and updated the receiver to the latest version through a USB flash drive, and also to treat the problem of the annoying message through

Software and treatment for stopping the device on the word Load One of the most important capabilities of Software is to treat all device problems Returning your device from

Transfers to other receivers. Solve the stubborn problem, which is the red light from software updates and error channel files, which do not

Fit the device processor type and model number here the only solution is through the software that we have with us in this topic is a full copy

The size of 4 megabytes, meaning that it is possible through software to charge a flash to the device and treat all problems, the update is the best and the solution

Certainly, device problems are a fortress against most problems.

Explanation of the software update of the REDBOX RX-999H1 receiver
Decompress a soft web file through a file decompression program
Copy the software file to a USB flash drive, connect the flash drive to the USB port of the receiver
From the remote control, press the MENU button, from the menu, choose the word “settlement”, press OK
In the settings menu, find the word update, press OK
Update the card / USB Press OK on the flash files, you will find software 
Press OK and wait for the device to be updated
After the software update process is completed, the device will start to restart automatically
The software has been successfully updated.

REDBOX RX-999H1 Receiver Specifications
 A device that carries a processor type SUNPLUS 1506T and the size of its flash device is 4 MB RAM 512 Number of USB2 RS232 port Charging

Flash the device and treat the problems of updating the error Capacity of channels storage 4000 TV channels and radio output HDOUT screens

The modern AV output is a normal TV that supports modern capabilities and multimedia, a device that can be upgraded through updates

software .



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