Search for available domains using related words

Search for available domains using related words with this free website

The interest in surfing the web is increasing day by day, and with this interest, the number of registered domains is also increasing. There are more than 363.5 million registered domains worldwide. With so many registered domains, it becomes difficult to get the desired domain name. 

To check domain name availability, you must type in the exact names and search over and over. Some services suggest a domain name but most are useless. 

To help you find the right domain for your business, today we're going to share with you Cunning Bot, a free website that can make it easy to find a domain name that's relevant to what you're looking for. You can just type the words you want in the domain name and automatically find the available domain names that match your words. 

The CunningBot service will help you find available domain names that are suitable for your needs. It saves you a significant amount of time spent checking different word combinations one by one. 

When you search for related words, the site gives you a list of available and used domains for those words. The site also checks for domains using common terms, other related words, etc. 

From the top of the list, you can filter the available domains to remove all domains taken from the list. And for reference the service helps you in finding domain names only, plus an option to register the domain too. It is enough to click on the domains that you see fit, and then go to the domain registration service that CunningBot suggests to you, which is Bluehost if that suits you.