sites to get jobs remotely as a freelancer

Here are these little-known sites to get jobs remotely as a freelancer

Here are these little-known sites to get jobs remotely as a freelancer

If you prefer to work from home without tying yourself to an office, this is probably the perfect opportunity to work as a freelancer. Besides experience, there are many websites created specifically for freelance or freelance jobs. People are hired on these sites after studying the profile of the applicants. In this article, we are going to share with you a bunch of websites for office jobs that can be done from home. Some of these jobs you'll sometimes find are part-time or long-term jobs. There will also be jobs for specific tasks. We'll also share websites with you to find freelancers who are experts in physical or manual jobs for tasks like painting, carpentry, and more.


Domestika is a Spanish platform for finding a range of educational courses as well as vacancies for social media management, writing, SEO, content creation and more. In addition to offering very practical online courses, Domestika has a section for finding part-time or long-term jobs. You can also filter the results to show the jobs that any user can do as a freelancer remotely.

Although you will need to register on the site. Below each offer, you will find a way to communicate with the offeree company, and an email is usually provided to contact them directly and send your request. 


Chronoshare is a platform dedicated to manual labor. It is therefore intended if you are a professional in construction or decoration or if you work in the home cleaning sector. If you prefer to work in these areas independently without having to conclude contracts with a company, here you can find a range of suitable jobs with attractive salaries.

Edworking is a platform created from former students of the University of Cantabria. It is also a free solution to apply for jobs and find a job. As a freelancer, you can start creating your own profile, and teams looking for professionals can find and contact you. As a freelancer, it is recommended that you initially assist with the inquiries they make to you to improve the quality of your profile. 


This platform works in a similar way to the previous sites, but with a very big difference. The best thing about People per Hour is its highly accurate search engine. The platform is directed to companies interested in professionals to search for and hire them. The site includes various projects in the field of technology, programming, writing, translation, digital marketing and others.