best currency converter apps for all countries of the world

The best currency converter apps for all countries of the world!

Globalization has affected our lives greatly, as trade and economic relations have become more complex than ever before. However, each country in the world has its own language, culture, and currency, which differ from one country to another. This is what makes us need currency conversion applications that can They are often useful, for example, travelers can take advantage of these applications to know the price of the currencies of foreign countries, and these applications are very necessary for currency traders, businessmen, etc., and instead of searching in the Play Store for the best of those applications, here is a list of the best Currency converter applications that provide up-to-date data as well as a lot of useful features.

1. Easy Currency Converter

If you want the best currency converter that provides you with simplicity and speed in use, here is this distinguished and very famous application for currency conversion. The application includes data for more than 200 currencies, which you can convert between them very quickly. The application also allows you to convert between multiple currencies at the same time, which makes it a practical application Very in daily use.

Easy Currency Converter app also features constant updating of data for accurate results however you can convert currencies offline also in this case the app will be based on the latest data fetched from the internet. The app is completely free but contains ads, and the app has more than 10 million downloads on Play Store with a rating of 4.8 stars which makes it a trusted app for users.

2. Xe - Currency Converter

This application is a global currency converter and it provides the feature of sending money in many countries around the world, which makes it highly suitable for businessmen or travelers in foreign countries, and the application contains more than 130 supported currencies for downloading between them. Currencies in order to provide accurate results to users, and the application also provides many other features such as ease of use and the ability to search for currencies, in addition to the absence of digital currencies and much more. You can download the application for free from Google Play through the following link.

3. ClevCalc

This application is not primarily a currency converter, but it is a comprehensive calculator with many features and functions, including the currency conversion function, which is very accurate as the application supports more than 135 different currencies. You can also search in the application for the currencies you want and then convert between them directly As it is a comprehensive calculator app, you can take advantage of its other features as well, including doing calculations, converting units, calculating world time, and much more. You can download the app for free knowing that it contains ads as well as internal purchases.

4. Currency Converter

Currency Converter is one of the best currency converter applications for all countries around the world. The application is characterized by great accuracy and provides many useful features for users, including explanations and notes about the method of this currency conversion. In addition, it provides you with more than 190 currencies of different countries. You can also Use the percentage feature in order to convert currencies, and in addition, the application allows you to add currencies to favorites for quick access, and this application not only provides you with currency conversion, but it also contains rates for many precious metals and you can get it for free from the link next one.

5. Exchange Rates

This application provides you with real-time rates for all currencies, as the data in the application is updated periodically. The application also features a very simple interface that makes it easy to use. The application also includes a currency calculator, allowing you to easily convert currencies directly from within the application. On the exchange rate chart that is updated all the time, the application also allows you to add frequently used currencies to the home screen for quick access, and one of the unique features of this application is that it allows you to convert currencies at the current exchange rate or using a custom rate, and the application may be defective in many Ads that appear in the free version however you can remove those ads with in-app purchases.

6. Currency Converter free

This application is presented by the developer Julien MILLAU on the Play Store, which is considered one of the best free currency converter applications where you can download the application and take advantage of all its features completely free of charge, knowing that it contains ads, and this application is characterized by a modern and elegant interface as it contains exchange rates Updated for all available currencies, which amount to 180 currencies, moreover, you can search for the currency you want using the search panel within the application, the application also allows you to convert currencies without an Internet connection as well as the ability to add a custom currency to the list of currencies, and you can download the application from the link next one.