Elon Musk announces the start of implanting chips


Elon Musk announces the start of implanting chips in human “brains” 2022.. Know the details

American billionaire  Elon Musk revealed that his technology company, Neuralink, intends and hopes to start implanting chips inside human brains next year 2022, and Musk answered a question about  Neuralink’s plans during 2022, and said: “The company is working well with monkeys, and we are in In fact, we do a lot of testing, and we can only confirm that it is very safe and reliable, and the chip can be removed from the brain safely .”


He continued: "We hope to apply this in humans over the next year, who will be people with severe spinal cord injuries, such as quadriplegia, and we are awaiting approval by the US Food and Drug Administration, and the standards for chip implantation at "Neuralink" are much higher than Food and Drug Administration requirements ”, according to the Russian agency Sputnik.


On the other hand, when Tesla finally starts taking the Cybertruck off the production line in 2022, the electric car will debut with 4 different types of motors, with independent control and extremely fast torque to each wheel, according to CEO Elon Musk on Twitter. The model will offer "independent control and responsive torque to each wheel" as some other electric vehicles have a motor on each wheel, including the Rivian's R1T.

Musk also reiterated that the Cybertruck will have front- and rear-wheel steering, and he's previously indicated that the EV will offer rear-wheel steering, which will enable it to drive casually.
Tesla removed all Cybertruck specifications and pricing from its website in October, and potential owners can lower a $100 refundable deposit and place their order close to when Tesla starts production, which is due to happen next year.
However, it looks like you'll likely have to wait longer if you want the dual-engine version