How can you volunteer remotely


How can you volunteer remotely?

Extending a helping hand to others is a way to be a person who has a real impact on the lives of others, and the impact is extended as a way to increase 

Volunteering remotely … It may seem like a not widespread idea, but with the spread and expansion of remote work, the development of means of communication and money transfer over the phone, remote volunteering has become possible, and it is easy for anyone who wants to volunteer to provide services to others, but his life circumstances prevent him from being able to go to a place to volunteer In it, the door of goodness has not been closed, and there are different ideas for volunteering and providing a helping hand to others from a distance.

Each of us has different capabilities that we can use to do good. No matter how simple the service is in your opinion, it can be a difference in the lives of others. Your beginning can be by thinking about services that can be provided remotely, and today I will share with you the ideas that I came up with to open the door to volunteering about after.

Working with charities

Charities need remote assistance in more than one specialty. You can contact them and ask them about what you can provide. In general, you may need help managing their page on the Internet, as well as customer service, responding to emails, designing advertising campaigns, helping to spread their services or urging those around you to Interact with them, as well as collect donations.

Audio book recording

A while ago, I found an advertisement for a charitable organization asking for volunteers to record audiobooks, as part of their project to support the blind and provide them with various books in the areas they need. 

It was very interesting and I thought about giving it a try, so I submitted the application for admission, which provided options for the number of weekly hours that I could volunteer. 

and there were a few, starting from only two hours a week, and then they sent me an email to do an audio test by reading a story, but unfortunately I didn't pass the test, and that was good on the other hand, the rejection means that I was not of the required quality, and that means They provide a good service for the blind, to have an experiment you can search on Google for volunteering to record audio books for the blind or something like that.

Education and Teaching

After distance learning has become an acceptable and widespread thing, there are families who are facing a financial problem in providing a teacher for all their children. 

Therefore, if you are a teacher, you can offer to volunteer in a specific number of hours per week to teach remotely to the distressed, and you can start by spreading the idea in your surroundings, and asking for help in Searching for those who are eligible, or advertising on your social media accounts about your volunteering, bear in mind that you are fully obligated towards everyone you volunteer for, as these families will consider you among their basic need and not a choice, so always consider putting them on your priority list.

Communication with the elderly

Many elderly people need someone to console their unit, even with children. This idea is suitable for those who like to talk with the elderly and listen to their stories with interest. 

You can ask your friends and neighbors if they know an elderly person in need, and you can find an easy way to gain their trust And he accepts your contact with him, such as if the mediator tells him that you need advice or consult them on a matter, and this is the beginning of communication, and before this make sure that you have reached your womb, so they are the first to do so.

Giving an awareness lecture in your field of specialization
Everyone who has experience in a field certainly has something to offer to beginners, and helps them light the way for them, and clarify the obstacles they will face and how to overcome them, as well as if you are a doctor in any specialty you can help spread health awareness on how to prevent specific diseases, and early signs If you have an illness, you should see a doctor.


Fundraising requires building a network of relationships that trusts you and asks those around you about any cases in need of help, such as debtors who pay their debts, and those who need to undergo surgery. 

Social media to announce the details of the case, and through money transfer companies that collect donations and deliver them to the needy, I recently saw a YouTuber named Abu Fella collecting large donations for a human rights organization to support refugees.

Intention to volunteer

Extending a helping hand to others is a way to be a person who has a real impact on the lives of others, and the effect is extended as a way to increase the reward of giving. 

You can evoke intentions such as fulfilling the needs of a Muslim, charity of knowledge and charity about your time and health, and the introduction of pleasure to the heart of a Muslim, and try to multiply intentions as much as possible. Could you.

There are certainly other ideas that you will find, invoke the intention, start searching and you will find the doors of goodness open, and you will be able to help more and feel good feelings and enjoy giving.