Solve the problem of not connecting to cellular data


Solve the problem of not connecting to cellular data (network) on the iPhone

We are almost always connected to the internet thanks to our smartphones, whether you are at home using your WiFi or you are abroad using cellular data , sometimes you face the problem of not connecting to cellular data for no apparent reason, surely this is a big problem for some people, Here are 11 tips with which you can fix your cellular connection, and they are known to some of us, but we mention them in summary so that we can come up with a solution.

Turn cellular data off and on

Sometimes stopping and restarting something can fix your problem, so trying to turn cellular data off and back on again is a good thing to see if that fixes the problem. You can do that from the Control Center. You can do that through Settings, then Cellular data, then turn cellular data off and on again.

The problem may be that the package runs out

The problem may be due to the package and the balance running out, and this may happen and you did not pay attention to it, and if your package expires at an unexpected time, it may be due to some applications, you can check this from Settings, then Cellular, then Cellular Data, then scroll down, and you will see A list of apps and how much they use cellular data, you can see right at the bottom of the page the time period the stats started, and you can reset it too if you want to monitor what's happening.

Check coverage

Always make sure that you're not the only one having a problem with cellular service. It's possible that the area you're in doesn't have good network coverage, and it's also possible that if you're traveling internationally, you haven't set your device to data roaming. Here's how to run it:

◉ Go to Settings.

◉ Tap Cellular.

◉ Tap on Cellular Data Options.

◉ Activate data roaming.

Check for a system update

Sometimes, your cellular data issue can be from iOS itself, so, you might not be the only one facing this issue, which means Apple is working on a way to fix it, make sure your iPhone is updated to the latest update.

◉ Open Settings.

◉ Tap General.

◉ Select Software Update.

◉ If you have a software update available, click Download and install.

Manually update your network operator settings

Sometimes you will also need to check if your carrier has a settings update that the iPhone needs to be installed. These carrier settings updates are usually installed automatically, but you may want to install them if they are available manually.

First, make sure your iPhone is connected to a WiFi network. Then follow these steps:

◉ Start Settings.

◉ go to general.

◉ Tap About.

◉ If an update is available, you will see an option to update your carrier settings.

You can also see the version of your carrier's settings on your iPhone by scrolling down. It should be next to my cell.

Keep in mind that if you recently inserted a new SIM card, you will need to download the carrier settings for the new carrier.

Restart the iPhone

One of the easiest ways to fix any problem with your iPhone is just to restart it, and it not only fixes cellular data issues but may also fix other issues you didn't know existed.

If you have an iPhone SE, 6, 7, or 8, follow these steps:

◉ Press and hold the power button until the power off slider appears.

◉ Drag the slider to the right, then wait 30 seconds for the iPhone to turn off, then turn it on again.

If you have an iPhone X, 11, 12 or 13, follow these steps:

◉ Press and hold the volume button and the power button until the power off slider appears.

◉ Then drag the power off slider to the right and wait for 30 seconds for the iPhone to turn off and then turn it on again.

◉ Then see if your connection problems are fixed or not.

Contact customer service

Contact your carrier's customer service and see if there are any cellular data issues in your area, check that your account is active and see if your device is in any way blocked from receiving cellular data, the service may give you more solutions to this issue.

Take out the SIM card

It is possible that the SIM card in your iPhone is causing this problem, try to take it out and see if there is any physical problem with it, and check if the card tray is in good condition as well, and check for any water damage or moisture Or any problems inside the card slot, tray, or the SIM card itself, and if there are no visible problems, put them back in and see if the cellular data is fixed again.

Reset network settings

Another popular solution that you can try is to reset network settings as follows:

◉ Open Settings.

◉ go to general.

◉ Scroll down and tap on Reset iPhone.

◉ Tap on Reset.

◉ Tap on Reset network settings.

You may need to enter your passcode to continue.

The iPhone will restart and reset all your network settings. Keep in mind that this will not delete any content on the iPhone. But it will reset Wi-Fi networks, passwords, cellular settings, VPN and APN settings you used earlier.

Completely restore iPhone

If all previous attempts fail, you can reset all content and settings on the iPhone and start over, and restoring is completely sure that the problem is related to the system or internal components, if you encounter a problem on the iPhone, you can do a full reset or restore through The computer or the Mac can solve it, or at least ascertain the source of the malfunction.

Keep in mind that this will delete all content including videos, photos, settings, messages, and anything, so make it a last try and make sure you make a backup beforehand.

◉ Open Settings.

◉ go to general.

◉ Scroll down and tap on Reset iPhone.

◉ Tap Erase All Content and Settings.

◉ Click Continue.

◉ You may need to enter your passcode.

◉ Confirm that you want to erase all content and settings.

◉ After resetting the iPhone, restore the backup, and if the problem is not resolved, see the next point.

Get help from Apple

If there are no issues with your carrier, you may have a hardware issue. This means that you will need to contact Apple Support to verify the matter. You can contact through their website and talk to someone who can tell you what to do in this case. Or you can go to the Apple Store so they can take a look at the iPhone and check for the problem.