The most infected children in Europe

The most infected children in Europe .. and a doctor: Corona vaccine may be mandatory

The World Health Organization confirmed in a report that children in the age group between 5 and 14 years represent the most affected segment of the Corona virus in the region.

And the organization’s office in Europe revealed, through Hans Kluge, its regional director, that the compulsory vaccine should be a last resort, whether for children or adults on a large scale, noting that the infection of the Corona virus is still much lower than the previous peak, according to the American Associated Press. .

And the World Health Organization stated in a statement that the cases and deaths of Covid 19 doubled during the past two months in the region, which includes 53 countries and extends to Central Asia, warning of the continuing risks from the Corona “Delta” and “Omicron” mutants, as the latter has infected 432 cases so far. Confirmed in 21 countries in the region.

Mutant delta is prevalent in Europe and Central Asia
The organization added that the delta mutant is still prevalent in all countries of the continent of Europe and Central Asia, in light of the presence of virus vaccines that are still effective in reducing severe symptoms and deaths caused by it, stressing that it is not yet clear how and whether the latest mutant of the virus of concern, Omicron, will be more Transmissibility, more or less dangerous.

For her part, Dr. Shaimaa Hawari, a preventive medicine consultant, warned of the negative consequences of the Corona virus on children in this age group and sensitized her to take the measures used to prevent it and control its spread, which requires mothers and fathers to pay attention to their children receiving the vaccine in the target group and to pay attention to any strange symptoms that appear on their children from other categories.

She added, during her speech to Al-Watan, that the vaccine in this case may be mandatory, especially that they are vulnerable to infection in the winter, with the temperature of children rising to 39 degrees, which is one of the most prominent symptoms that indicate that they are infected with the Corona virus, in addition to that there are other symptoms of the virus that may appear. They have such as diarrhea, vomiting, weakness, and general lethargy in the body. In this case, a doctor should be consulted, and the necessary measures should be taken to prevent them from mixing.