All you need to know about the "popcat" challenge


All you need to know about the "popcat" challenge

546 billion clicks were recorded globally as of Wednesday morning

During the past hours, a new challenge has spread on social networking sites under the name “  pop cat challenge” based on the idea of clicking on the cat that appears in the program’s interface, through which the number of points for your country is calculated, which expresses the extent of a person’s love for his country, and the idea was popular among the pioneers of social networking sites. Social network to participate in this challenge.

And the clicks on the game's website before, by users from all countries of the world, until this morning, Wednesday, exceeded about 546 billion clicks.

How to participate in the “pop cat” challenge

The new game is a screen with a picture of a cat in the middle, and on the top right is the option to share the event across different platforms, and on the top left is the Twitter logo connected to the company’s account link on the tweets site, and in the middle there is a cat and below it is the total number of clicks by users from your country.

The competition depends on calculating the number of clicks on the screen to open the cat's mouth. Whenever you click the screen, the cat's mouth is opened and closed again and a point is calculated for you, and thus the number of clicks by your country's users increases, with the increase in the number of your clicks.

Hong Kong is the world's first in the "pop cat" challenge
Hong Kong ranked first in the “Pop Kat” challenge, with 121 billion clicks, Thailand ranked second with 109 billion clicks, and Taiwan ranked third with 108 billion clicks.

Ranking of Arab countries in the challenge of popcat
Egypt, with a total of 473 million points, ranks 28
Iraq, with a total of 394 million points, ranks 31
Syria, with a total of 352 million points, ranks 32
Saudi Arabia, with a total of 144 million points, ranks 45th
Algeria, with a total of 126 million points, ranks 47
The UAE, with a total of 35 million points, ranks 61
Morocco, with a total of 32 million points, ranks 64
Libya, with a total of 20 million points, ranks 72
Jordan, with a total of 16 million points, ranks 77th
Kuwait, with a total of 11 million points, ranks 80
Lebanon, with a total of 9 million points, ranks 83 .
Palestine, with a total of 7 million points, ranks 85