applications to detect who is connected to your WiFi


applications to detect who is connected to your WiFi

Four exclusive applications to detect who is connected to your Wi-Fi network and cut off the Internet on them!

With people today sticking to measures to contain the Corona pandemic and staying at home all the time, internet speeds around the world are witnessing a noticeable decline to the point that some broadband providers are feeling powerless in the face of the unprecedented pressure due to the uninterrupted speed. 

At the same time, so if you are complaining about the slow speed of your Internet and the loading rate of most of the web pages you are browsing is taking a long time, and even watching your favorite videos frequently cut off due to the poor Internet quality

the main reason may be your Internet service provider In the region due to problems in it or poor Internet coverage in it, a second reason that may lead to slow Internet speed is that some steal your wifi information and connect to it, which means sharing the Internet with third parties

which is the possible reason for the poor Internet on your device, and if You thought your wifi connection is too slow because someone is using it Without your permission, in this new article, we will learn about some Android applications that can detect and cut off illegal connections to your Wi-Fi network.


This application ranks as one of the best applications available on the Google Play Store to check the WiFi network and detect the devices connected to it

The application enables you to access the smallest details of the device connected to your Wi-Fi network, by specifying its name, model, IP address and MAC, in addition to other unique features of the application.

IP Tools  

If you are looking for an Android application that can help you get a complete and clear picture of the status of your WiFi network, then IP Tools might be the right choice for you. The application has a very powerful WiFi analyzer that can search and identify all the devices connected to your WiFi network in Very short period.

The app displays all the information related to the connected device like IP address, MAC address, device name, etc. So IP Tools is the best wifi analyzer app that we recommend you to start using it on your smartphone.

Who Use My WiFi?  

The application is intended for those who are looking for the fastest and smartest way to control and monitor the number of users connected to your WiFi network.

The application scans and shows the devices connected to the WiFi network very effectively, and also displays related information about the connected devices.

Network Scanner  

One of the best advanced applications that you can have on your smartphone, its task is that it scans and displays all the devices connected to the network, in addition to revealing suspicious weaknesses or security issues related to your network

Not only that, but Network Scanner also provides some advanced tools like Wake on Lan, Ping, traceroute which are specialized in analyzing your network etc. The app has a very easy and not complicated main interface and it is definitely the best WiFi scanning app for Android You can use it now.