Hurricane "Nadia" rolls towards Berlin and Brandenburg


 Hurricane "Nadia" rolls towards Berlin and Brandenburg

A storm is brewing over Germany. It will also be uncomfortable in Berlin at the weekend.

According to the German weather service, several regions and federal states are affected by hurricane "Nadia" and the associated storm. (icon picture)
The German Weather Service warns of severe storms. The people in Berlin and Brandenburg also have to prepare for a stormy weekend. From Saturday noon onwards, there should initially be widespread gusts of wind, in the afternoon and evening then increased stormy gusts, and in the Uckermark even isolated hurricane-like gusts of up to 110 km/h. Hurricane-like gusts and individual hurricane gusts then threatened on the North Sea and Baltic Sea and in parts of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Otherwise, gusts of wind are expected in the entire north-eastern half.

The German Weather Service (DWD) warned that a further increase in wind in the form of heavy gusts of wind is to be expected on Sunday night. In addition, an overcast sky with isolated rain and sleet showers is to be expected.

Scattered gusts of wind also on Sunday

Sunday night will remain cloudy with isolated rain and sleet showers. Temperatures are forecast to be around four degrees. It will continue to be stormy throughout the day. Occasional heavy gusts of wind between 80 and 100 km/h (Bft 9-10) are expected. The wind is only expected to drop significantly towards the afternoon. The temperatures rise to eight to ten degrees. A few showers are expected.

"In the night to Monday and on Monday there is a threat of new trouble," said a meteorologist from the DWD. A low ensures rain and snow above 200 to 400 meters throughout Germany. In addition, stormy winds will blow mainly from the west and south-west. The changeable and very windy weather will not change in the coming days. According to the DWD, rain showers are to be expected again and again. In the east and south-east it sometimes snows down to the lowlands.