Material from Google Translate You're getting


Material from Google Translate You're getting 

Material from Google Translate You're getting a refresh on a lot more phones now.

For a long time, Google Translate has been in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint. The app's current user interface was first released several years ago and is still based on Google's original Material Design vision from 2014. While Google Translate has now been redesigned to comply with the Material Your requirements, it has been confined to Pixel phones for far too long. That doesn't appear to be the case for much longer, as Google has begun slowly but steadily sending out the updated app to non-Pixel phones.

The Material You revamp for the Google Translate app is starting to show up on more phones, according to reports online, and it doesn't require Android 12. 

I was able to get it to work on an old Android 10 handset, indicating that the rollout should be rather widespread. If you have an older OS version, you won't get Material You's signature dynamic theming, which defaults to blue hues instead of some based on your wallpaper, but you will get the revamped, hamburger menu-free layout and all other design elements. It's one of the most significant redesigns of a Google product in recent memory, and it's incredibly stunning.

Make sure your Google Translate app is up to date if you want to try it out on your phone. The Material You design appears to be part of a server-side upgrade, as I got the previous UI when I originally installed the app to test it out. 

However, closing and reopening the app from the Recents menu appears to work. If it doesn't work, you can also try cleaning your cache. Wait a few weeks if the new look doesn't appear for you; we wouldn't be shocked if this is a staged release, especially on older phones and operating systems.

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