Microsoft issues fix for Exchange server Y2K22 bug


Microsoft issues fix for Exchange server Y2K22 bug

Y2K22 bug connects with a date browse disappointment in Microsoft's email administration and isn't security-related
The email administration of Microsoft was hit by a Y2K22 bug that stopped up Exchange servers, which kept clients from getting to their inbox.

Microsoft's growing impression

There was an issue with the naming show, which broke the usefulness. The update 220101001 sent surpassed the subjective furthest reaches of 2147483647, which turned into a disappointment.

Not to do with malware checking

"The issue connects with a date check disappointment with the difference in the new year and it's anything but a disappointment of the AV motor itself. This isn't an issue with malware filtering or the malware motor, and it's anything but a security-related issue. The variant checking performed against the mark record causing the malware motor to crash, bringing about messages being trapped in transport lines", said Microsoft on its backing page.

The arrangements given by the organization can be naturally done or physically, as endorsed on the Microsoft support page.

"We have now made an answer for address the issue of messages trapped in transport lines on Exchange Server 2016 and Exchange Server 2019 in light of an inert date issue in a mark record utilized by the malware examining motor inside Exchange Server", Microsoft said on its backing page.