My Hero Academia will get free game

My Hero Academia will get free game

The popular anime My Hero Academia is getting a free battle royale-style game. The announcement was made by Bandai Namco in the latest issue of Japanese magazine Weekly Jump. Titled My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble , the game is slated for PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Ultra Rumble will be a battle royale style game inspired by the superhero manga and anime series. According to the magazine, the game will have "24-player matches and multiplayer action". Bandai Namco is preparing a closed beta test and new information will be released soon.

There is still no prediction of when My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble will be released or further details about the game. This isn't the first game starring UA High School students. The franchise has already yielded a mobile game, My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero and two arena fighting games, My Hero One's Justice , available for consoles.

You can watch the episodes of My Hero Academia - and also the animated features - on the main streaming platforms.