Nvidia's GeForce RTX 3080 12GB

Nvidia's GeForce RTX 3080 12GB

 Nvidia's GeForce RTX 3080 12GB Card Comes With A Bigger GPU And A Much Higher Price

Nvidia just revealed a GeForce RTX 3050 and RTX 3090 Ti file during its CES 2022 keynote last week, but that's not all the company did. On Tuesday morning, Nvidia quietly and surprisingly released a new 12GB version of the GeForce RTX 3080 that fixes our biggest (albeit minor) problem of not doing so. Excellent graphics card .

10GB of original RTX 3080 activated VRAM I felt a bit of missing out of the gate, like death games already consume huge amounts of memory with every handle of 4K animated graphics. This probably won't be something you'll have to worry about in most games anytime soon, but the new 12GB version of the GDDR6X completely alleviates any potential worries. Nvidia has also expanded the memory bus width on this model from 320-bit to 384-bit, which helps boost the overall memory bandwidth to 912GB/s, up from the original 760GB/s.

Nvidia has also tweaked the GPU configuration of the new RTX 3080 12GB, increasing the number of CUDA graphics cores from the original 8704 to now 8960. This, along with the updated memory, should make the RTX 3080 12GB a little faster. than the original, although we would have preferred Nvidia to give this card a slightly different name (like RTX 3080 Super) due to the smaller size, but main GPU tweaks.

Don't bother trying to find the Founders Edition version of this graphics card. Nvidia asked PCWorld to contact motherboard vendors (like EVGA, Asus, MSI, and so on and so forth ) for more product information – including pricing. Yep, Nvidia didn't even give this bad boy an MSRP. Deglutition. The original 10GB version ostensibly sells for $700 but is currently impossible to find in traditional stores and is fetching $1500 to $2000 on eBay depending on the model. Thanks to the constant lack of GPU, don't expect this update to come cheap.

Update: Yes, this is not cheap. Standard EVGA 10GB RTX 3080 XC Ultra Gaming Model Costs $840 on the company's website. The gaming 12GB RTX 3080 XC Ultra costs $1,250 – a markup of $410 and even more than the non-Ultra version of the XC RTX 3080 Ti Gaming Update which cost $1210. Well, if any of them are in stock, that is. Given that the desire to mine is largely driven by memory scale, this isn't really surprising, even if it's a little frustrating.

However, more GPUs are better than fewer GPUs. You might not have noticed the RTX 3080 12GB release if you weren't paying close attention - Nvidia didn't make any announcements or blog posts, just an update RTX 3080 Family Spec Sheet The GPU was mentioned in the release notes for new driver – but it's here. Let's try to get our hands on one for testing.