Profit from design or Amazon Merch for marketing


Profit from design or Amazon Merch for marketing

Hello my friend in blog, we are now in the section of profit from the Internet, specifically in the article profit from Amazon Merch. It is an Amazon service that enables thousands of people around the world to benefit from Amazon by uploading their designs to the Amazon Merch service on the site, Amazon markets your design on your behalf on the Amazon main website, and whenever someone orders a T-shirt with your design on it you will make money while you sleep in your home and everything you do is design and build it.

What we will learn today about Amazon Merch in order to benefit from the Internet.

Introduction to Amazon Merch

Amazon Merch features for selling designs.

Profit from Amazon from Amazon Merch.

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Amazon Merch features to take advantage of the Amazon website.
Amazon does the marketing for you.
Free registration on amazon
Earn while you sleep Easy and fast earning
Sell all of your designs.

Merch By Amazon Registration.

Go to the official Merch by Amazon website here to register an account.

 Click Register, then click Create New Amazon Account to continue.
 Enter your personal data such as name, email and password with confirmation.

 Verification via the OTP confirmation code sent to your account confirmation email. 

Enter the phone number, then the OTP verification code sent via text message to the number.

 Agree to Amazon's privacy policies, then continue.
Complete your account by entering some private data, 
Such as: state and city, company name, address, zip code of your city, phone number, and e-mail.

 Link the bank account and enter your bank data, 
Such as: bank name, bank account number and delivery number.
 select tax status data, 
Such as: country and city name and tax identification number, or national number if it is not available and log in with your full name.

Now you have your own Merch by Amazon account, where you can edit your details if they change.