Rewinding No. 4 Auburn basketball 81-77 win against No


Rewinding No. 4 Auburn basketball 81-77 win against No

Rewinding No. 4 Auburn ball's 81-77 win against No. 24 Alabama

Reddish watchman Allen Flanigan (22) works inside against Alabama monitor Jaden Shackelford (5) during the primary portion of an NCAA school b-ball game, Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2022, in Tuscaloosa, Ala. (AP Photo/Varsha Hunt)AP

Make it a grimy dozen for Bruce Pearl and his crew.

No. 4 Auburn rejected out a hotshot street win, fighting off No. 24 Alabama, 81-77, Tuesday night in Coleman Coliseum. The Tigers have won 12 straight since their solitary loss of the period and are currently 4-0 in SEC play.
Reddish-brown got a vocation high 25 focuses from Jabari Smith, who drove four Tigers in twofold figures. Wendell Green Jr. had 19 on the evening, while K.D. Johnson had 13. Allen Flanigan wrapped up with 10, including four major free tosses inside the last moment to ice the game for Auburn.

Alabama had five players score in twofold figures, driven by Jahvon Quinerly's 14. Jaden Shackelford had 13, and the backcourt couple helped the Tide mount an irate rebound down the stretch before the Tigers hung on for the success. Noah Gurley got done with 11 focuses, while Keon Ellis and Darius Miles had 10 each.

The following is an unceremoniously pass-up blow recap of Tuesday's activity.

Last: Auburn 81, Alabama 77

-- Dylan Cardwell with an immense square. Alabama hasn't made a field objective in four or more minutes. Reddish will escape with the success.

-- Two additional from the line for Flanigan, and Auburn leads 81-77 with 19.7 seconds to play.

-- Allen Flanigan sinks two free tosses with 58.6 seconds to play. Coppery leads 79-77.

-- K.D. Johnson and Jabari Smith impact and hit the deck under the crate. Both outfits after a couple of seconds.

-- 1:42 to play, and it's tied at 77-77 after a couple of Noah Gurley free tosses. He has 11 focuses.

-- Carnival shot by K.D. Johnson and Auburn are ahead 77-75 with 2:04 to play.

-- Jaden Shackelford ties it at 75-75 with a couple of free tosses, as Auburn is required its 23rd foul of the evening.

-- Jabari Smith closes the scoring dry season for Auburn with a couple of free tosses. He has a profession-high 25 focuses, and Auburn is back in front by two.

-- Reddish-brown 73, Alabama 73 (3:44) | Under-4 break: Auburn hasn't scored in four or more minutes and just dedicated one more turnover on a Jabari Smith hostile foul. Alabama has made five of its last six shots, while Auburn has missed five directly from the field.

-- Tie game. Alabama on a 14-0 rush to tie it at 73-73 with under four minutes to play.

-- Reddish-brown's lead is down to two after another 3-pointer from Jaden Shackelford. Tide on a 12-0 run.

-- Walker Kessler with a hostile foul on the opposite end. His night is finished. Only two focuses and two bounce back.

-- Beast dunk by JD Davison over Walker Kessler, and the foul, yet he misses the free toss. It's a five-point game. That is Kessler's fourth foul.

-- Alabama on a 7-0 run, and Auburn's lead is sliced down the middle after consecutive 3-pointers by Jahvon Quinerly and Jaden Shackelford.

-- Coppery 73, Alabama 59 (7:36) | Under-8 break: Walker Kessler gets his first square, and afterward his primary marks of the game with under nine minutes to play. Then, at that point, Jabari Smith depletes a corner 3-pointer. Reddish's lead is 14 with 7:52 to go, and Smith has 23 focuses. Tigers have thumped down 5-of-8 from somewhere down in the final part.

-- Reddish-brown 68, Alabama 57 (9:10) | Alabama break: Five straight focuses by Wendell Green Jr. To start with, he divides two protectors at the highest point of the key and floats to the edge for a decent completion. Then, at that point, he depletes a profound 3-pointer. Coppery's lead has returned to 11 places, and Green has 19 on the evening.

-- Dylan Cardwell with a dunk off help from Wendell Green Jr. Snaps an 8-0 run by the Tide.

-- Dylan Cardwell required a blatant foul after an authority survey. That will be two shots, in addition to the ball, for Alabama with 11:09 to play. Keon Ellis makes both free tosses, and it's a four-point game.

-- Reddish-brown 61, Alabama 55 (11:41) | Under-12 break: Alabama on a 6-0 run throughout the latest possible second, and it's a six-point game.

-- Over-the-back foul on Devan Cambridge. Alabama will be in the reward for the last 12:22 of the game.

-- Wendell Green Jr., once more. He has 14, and Auburn's lead is up to 12.

-- Reddish 57, Alabama 47 (14:42) | Under-16 break: Another 3-pointer from Wendell Green Jr. He has 12 focuses, and Auburn has its first twofold digit lead of the game, 57-47, with 15 minutes to play. Reddish-brown has three players in twofold figures (Green with 12, K.D. Johnson with 11, and Jabari Smith with 20); Alabama has only one (Jahvon Quinerly, with 11).

-- Wendell Green Jr. with a 3-pointer. Neither one of the groups shooting extraordinary from profound. Reddish-brown is 4-of-16, while Alabama is 4-of-17. Tigers have made three of their last five from profound, nonetheless.

-- Jabari Smith now with 20 places. Reddish leads, 49-43, with 17:21. Juwan Gary currently has four fouls.

-- Walker Kessler gets his third foul with 18:03 to go in the game. Reddish-brown is ahead 45-41 after Keon Ellis divides the free tosses.

-- Jabari Smith up to 16 focuses after a 3-pointer. His shot is so smooth.

-- Alabama opens the half with a Keon Ellis 3-pointer. That was his previously shot endeavor of the evening, and it draws Alabama inside two, 40-38.

HALFTIME: Auburn 40, Alabama 35

-- Jabari Smith closes the principal half with 13 focuses on eight shots, to oblige three squares and a couple of bounce back. K.D. Johnson with nine places, five bounce back, and three takes for the Tigers, who are ahead in spite of shooting only 2-of-14 from 3-point range. Noah Gurley drives Alabama with seven places. Tide is only 3-of-14 from profound this evening. The two groups with eight turnovers. Reddish-brown has an edge on the sheets, 25-19.

-- Devan Cambridge with a putback to put Auburn ahead, 40-35, at halftime.

-- Allen Flanigan now with two speedy fouls for Auburn in the last couple of moments of the half. Alabama draws inside three, 36-33, after a couple of Noah Gurley free tosses.

-- K.D. Johnson makes both free tosses to give Auburn an important lead, yet Alabama replies with an and-one by JD Davison.

-- Coppery 32, Alabama 25 (3:50) | Under-4 break: K.D. Johnson thumps down a profound 3-pointer from the highest point of the key. He then, at that point, gets a take and is fouled on a drive. He'll go to the line for a couple after the break. He has seven focuses and five bounce back, in addition to a take, for Auburn this evening. He has been playing at a crazy speed.

-- JD Davison closes the Alabama scoring dry season with a progress layup. It's Auburn 29, Alabama 25.

-- Reddish-brown 29, Alabama 23 (5:47): Alley-oop to Devan Cambridge. Reddish-brown is on a 6-0 since the break, and Alabama has missed its last four field objective endeavors and hasn't scored in 2:13.

-- Wendell Green Jr. with a floater out of the break, and Auburn is back in front.

-- Coppery 23, Alabama 23 (7:27) | Under-8 break: Jabari Smith is conveying Auburn here in the main half. Alabama is getting an extremely adjusted exertion, with four players with four focuses each and seven players on the scoresheet.

-- Jabari Smith with five straight focuses for Auburn. He has 11 of the group's initial 23 focuses, just as three squares here in the main half. It's 23-20, Auburn. Smith has scored in twofold figures in 13 successive games now.

-- Allen Flanigan with a layup out of the break to tie things up. Juwan Gary with a hostile bounce back on the opposite end for a tip-in. First hostile board for the Tide.

-- Alabama 18, Auburn 16 (10:31) | Under-12 break: Noah Gurley channels a 3-pointer to put the Tide ahead at the second media break. Alabama is 2-of-5 from profound; Auburn only 1-of-8 from 3-guide range toward far. Alabama is likewise 6-of-6 from the free-toss line, while Auburn is only 1-of-4.

-- Wendell Green Jr. with a fadeaway jumper to end the dry season for Auburn. Allen Flanigan then, at that point, gets a challenged fastbreak to return Auburn to front, 16-15.

-- Coppery has missed seven straight shots and has made only two of its last 10 field objective endeavors while in a 2:31 scoring dry spell. Alabama up 15-12.

-- Wendell Green Jr. returns in for Auburn. Tigers trail the Tide, 13-12, with 13:11 to play in the main half.

-- Wendell Green Jr. was smacked in the face before the under-16 break and is out of the game right now.

-- Enormous putback dunk from Dylan Cardwell out of the break. Coppery will require a few major minutes from him, particularly with Walker Kessler in foul difficulty. Cardwell then, at that point, obstructs a 3-pointer on the opposite end.

-- Coppery 10, Alabama 10 (15:40) | Under-16 break: Jabari Smith has six focuses on 2-of-2 going for Auburn. Alabama is 3-of-5 from the field yet 0-of-2 from 3-point range early.

-- A drive-by Jahvon Quinerly gives Alabama a 10-8 lead, yet Jabari Smith rapidly ties it up with a midrange pull-up.

-- Jabari Smith depletes a 3-pointer to make it 8-6, however, at that point, Walker Kessler gets his second foul with 16:58 to play. In the second game in succession, he experiences been in foul difficulty. He heads to the seat, with Dylan Cardwell checking in.

-- Pleasant floater from Allen Flanigan to place Auburn in front. Walker Kessler then, at that point, required a late foul on the opposite end, and Alabama ties it at the free-toss line.

-- K.D. Johnson burns through no an ideal opportunity for Auburn, scores in the initial five seconds of activity for the mid 2-0 lead, however, Juwan Gary reacts for Alabama to tie it up.


-- Coppery setup: G Zep Jasper, G K.D. Johnson, G Allen Flanigan, F Jabari Smith, F Walker Kessler

-- Alabama setup: G Jahvon Quinerly, G Jaden Shackelford, G Keon Ellis, F Juwan Gary, C Charles Bediako

-- Reddish will have its full list accessible for simply the third time this season and for the second continuous game. The Tigers don't have any COVID-or injury-related unlucky deficiencies against the Tide.