Download Software Free All Resolution T.VST59.A8


Download Software Free All Resolution T.VST59.A8

Basic information of this board

Model No: T.VST59.A8

Main Chip: TSUMV59

Board Size: 168.00×42.0mm

Resolution: 1920×1080

Aspect Ratio: 16:10,16:09,4:3

Multi-language: available

Speaker:5 watt

Input option: HDMI, AV, VGA, USB, RF Interface.

The panel supported: 3volt, 5volt, 12volt

Input voltage: 12 volt dc

Common Problem Of This Board:

  • Standby indicator continuously glowing.
  • The picture moved the upper side down (mirror mode).
  • Mapping picture.
  • Some input options hide on the bar screen.
  • No audio mute permanently.
  • Burn mode on.

How to Install Software:

  1. Download the panel resolution-wise software by clicking (click here) file and extract it.
  2. Copy/Cut The extracted file from the folder to the pen drive.
  3. Plug The Pen drive into the USB slot (Make Sure The Power Plug is Unplug).
  4. After the pen-drive plugin switches on your main ac plug.
  5. First check the keyboard indicator led. If there is flashing, that means is in the written program, waiting for the indicator light to turn green, work is done. If there is no flashing indicator light, Please cut off the power supply, connect the USB once again, and then connect the power supply again on the ac board.
  6. Service menu code of T.VST59.A8 Universal motherboard: Menu 1147

T.VST59.A8 Software Free Download

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