Download Firmware Software CV338H-A32


Download Firmware Software CV338H-A32

For the CV338H-A32, you can get free software and firmware. The CV338H-A32 smart 4K LED TV has received a software update. CV338H-A32 LED bin file download Today, we're going to show you some of the most recent and effective resolutions for this smart Led Tv Board. If you wish to download, simply go to the download page and look for the resolutions you desire. This service makes it incredibly simple to get software packages. Full HD Firmware is available in (1366X768) and (1920X1080) resolutions.

CV338H-A32 Firmware

Headphone Jack, USB Port, PC Port, VGA Input, HDMI Input, and Component Input are all included on the CV338H-A32 Firmware Download Board. Because the backlight is built-in, there is no need to install it separately. Inside the PCB is a backlight inverter circuit and a power supply.

Basic Information PCB Board

Model No: CV338H-A32 (Network Drive Board) & Android WIFI Board

Resolution Supported UP To 1920 X 1080 to Panel LCD/LED TV

Screen Supported: Up 24” TO 32” Panel LCD/LED

Back-light Voltage: +35 V To +60 V

Panel Voltage DC: +12 V

Main AC Power Supply: 220 V

HDMI Input: 2 Ports

USB Input: 2 Ports

VGA Input: 1 Port

PC Input & Audio / Video: Yes

Headphone: Yes

RF TV: 1 Port

Component Input: Yes

Multi-Language OSD: Yes

Service Code:

The service model allows you to change the board’s internal parameters or unlock the factory code, Resolution Code, etc. Screen Specification Adjustment: Factory setting–Use the right key.

Through the remote, enter the numeric code. Menu +1147

How to download and install Firmware.

Software and firmware updates for CV338H-A32 are easy. To install/update firmware successfully without any problems, you must follow some steps. You should not attempt to install or update the firmware if you are a new user. We will not be responsible if a problem arises due to your actions.

Download all the parts of your required resolution and extract them into one folder to create a BIN file.

Format a USB drive to fat32. Copy the CtvUpgrade.bin file to the USB, and insert it into the CV338H-A32 Smartboard.

Now, connect the main power switch to the device and press the button and hold for a few seconds, the led light will blink.

After the led light stops blinking, power on the LED TV again and remove the USB cable. You are now ready to use the LED TV.