Download Firmware Software Haier LED TV


Download Firmware Software Haier LED TV

Firmware for Haier LED TVs is available for free download for all models. Firmware for Haier can be downloaded here. Bin file & Service code for Haier LE32b8000 software USB update

Service Code Hard Reset Haier LE32b8000

The service model allows you to change the board’s internal parameters or unlock the factory code, Resolution Code, etc.

1 Haier LE32B8000T_Cmo_Panel Download

2 Haier LE32B8000T_LG_Panel Download

3 Haier LE32B8000T_MS308C1-ZC01-01 Download

4 Haier_LE32B8000T_ Panel LG _LC320DXJ-SFE1 Download

5 Haier_LE32B8000T_ Panel _LQ315T3HC34 Download

6 Haier_LE32B8000T_ Panel _LSC320AN02 Download