Download Firmware Software SP36811.2

Download Firmware Software SP36811.2

 Software Download free for smart LED TV SP36811.2 .

SP36811.2 Software Resolution Code

The SP36811.2 download firmware board is a Smart WIFI Network Intelligent 4K Triple LED TV board intended for the Middle East and Asian markets. The SP36811.2 supports screen panels up to 65 inches in size.RJ45 Connector is available for wired internet connection. Its WIFI reception is very strong. The Audio and Video Quality of SP36811.2 is very good. SP36811.2 is a triple board that has a backlight driver, ATV module, and power supply built-in in a single card. 

Basic Information SP36811.2

Model Number: SP36811.2

Resolution: (1920X1080)

Interface Type: USB, LAN, Composite A/V

LED backlight current: 30 V-160 V (35 W Up TO 75W)

Screen size: for 32”~65” inch TV

OS: Android 4.4

CPU frequency:1.2GHZ

GPU frequency: 432MHZ

Backlight Type: LED

Display Format:1080p (Full-HD)


Wide Screen Support: Yes

Receiving System: PAL

Service Code Download SP36811.2 Software

The service code is used to unlock factory mode or the board’s internal parameters setting. These settings allow the technicians to control the parameters of the Led TV logo, resolution, brightness and contrasts, etc.

Through the remote, enter the numeric code. Source + 815 & Source + 208

Resolution Service Code

Source + 03772 (1366X768)- Source + 03771(1920X1080)-(HD Input +1234)-(FHD Input +5678)

Note: Important Note Updating Firmware:

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SP36811.2. Samsung part010Download
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