Download Firmware Software TP.MS358.PB801

Download Firmware Software TP.MS358.PB801

The software TP.MS358.PB801 is available for free download. TP.MS358.PB801-515 MB- 4GB Android 4.4 version FHD All Resolutions & Emmc Pin out Update available Firmware TP.MS358.PB801-515 MB- 4GB Android 4.4 version FHD All Resolutions & Emmc Pin out Update available Firmware

TP.MS358.PB801 Software is available for free download. The board is a Smart WIFI Network Intelligent 4K Triple LED TV board designed for use in the Middle East and Asia. 4K Spot Panel 32 Inch to 65 Inch TP.MS358.PB801Software download

Basic Information TP.MS358.PB801

Model Number: TP.MS358.PB801

Resolution: 1920 X1080

Interface Type: USB, LAN, Composite A/V

LED backlight current: 70V -180V

Screen size: for 32”~65” inch TV

Screen Size: 65″

OS: Android 4.4

CPU frequency:1.2GHZ

Backlight Type: LED

Display Format:1080p (Full-HD)


Wide Screen Support: Yes

Receiving System: PAL

Refresh Rate: NTSC

Service Code

The service code is used to unlock factory mode or the board’s internal parameters setting. These settings allow the technicians to control the parameters of the Led TV logo, resolution, brightness and contrasts, etc.

Through the remote, enter the numeric code. Menu + 1147

How to download and install Firmware.

Software and firmware updates for TP.MS358.PB801 is easy. To install/update firmware successfully without any problems, you must follow some steps. You should not attempt to install or update the firmware if you are a new user. We will not be responsible if a problem arises due to your actions.

If your requirements are in multiple parts, then.

TP.MS358.PB801 LED Software is available for download.

With Winrar or 7Zip, extract any one of the parts.

You will find your Required Software in a single Folder.

You now need to copy the extracted file onto your USB drive.

Note: Important Note Updating Firmware.

1TP.MS358.PB801 HD.part 1Download
TP.MS358.PB801 HD.part 2Download
TP.MS358.PB801 HD.part 3Download
TP.MS358.PB801 HD.part 4Download
TP.MS358.PB801 HD.part 5Download
2TP.MS358.PB801_1366X768.part 1Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1366X768.part 2Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1366X768.part 3Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1366X768.part 4Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1366X768.part 5Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1366X768.part 6Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1366X768.part 7Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1366X768_4G_512M_USB.part 2Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1366X768_4G_512M_USB.part 3Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1366X768_4G_512M_USB.part 4Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1366X768_4G_512M_USB.part 5Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1366X768_4G_512M_USB.part 6Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1366X768_USB.part 2Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1366X768_USB.part 3Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1366X768_USB.part 4Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1366X768_USB.part 5Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1366X768_USB.part 6Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1366X768_USB.part 7Download
5TP.MS358.PB801_1920X1080.part 1Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1920X1080.part 2Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1920X1080.part 3Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1920X1080.part 4Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1920X1080.part 5Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1920X1080.part 6Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1920X1080.part 7Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1920X1080.part 8Download
TP.MS358.PB801_1920X1080.part 9Download