How to Change Your Location on Samsung Galaxy S8


How to Change Your Location on Samsung Galaxy S8

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been around since mid-2017. It was the flagship device of the well-known Android manufacturer at the time, and it remains a favorite of many users today.

If you have a Samsung S8, you might be wondering if you can change its current location. If you travel with it, location changes will happen automatically as long as you have roaming set up.

However, there are ways to change the location of your Samsung S8 without leaving your city or country. In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about how to manage location settings on Samsung devices.

How to Change Your IP Address and Location on Samsung S8

The first thing to know is that every time you switch from Wi-Fi to a mobile network, your IP changes. Also, since mobile networks are dynamic, you may be assigned a different IP each time you turn airplane mode on and off on your phone.

The problem is that none of these strategies have an impact on geography. If you really want to change your IP address location, you need to use a VPN service.

Change IP Address Using VPN on Samsung S8

If you want to access websites and apps that are banned in your location, you will need a reliable virtual private network (VPN).

There are free options available as plugins for mobile browsers and free apps, but these rarely work as advertised.

For full service, you can try ExpressVPN. It'll keep your identity safe, has government-grade encryption, and is super fast. Here's how to install and use ExpressVPN on your Samsung S8:

Head over to the Google Play Store and download ExpressVPN on Samsung S8.

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Head over to the Google Play Store and download ExpressVPN on Samsung S8.

Create an account and follow the in-app setup instructions. It won't take too long.
Launch the ExpressVPN app on your Samsung S8 and connect to your preferred location.

After connecting to ExpressVPN, your location and region may appear to be different from your actual location. You can fire up your mobile browser and visit previously inaccessible websites.

How to Change the MAC Address on Samsung Galaxy S8

Your Samsung S8 has a unique identifier called the Media Access Control Address or MAC Address. It is assigned to the Network Interface Controller (NIC) and its main purpose is to identify your device on the local network.

Usually, the manufacturer (Samsung in our case) has burned the MAC address into your device. VPNs are useless when it comes to MAC addresses. A VPN service needs to hide your MAC address from the router, which is not possible.

Even though your MAX address can be hidden from the router, you cannot access the Internet without it. So, is there a way to spoof your MAC address? Yes, but requires more effort.

Change MAC address with root access
Rooting a phone is a somewhat complicated process. The first step you need to take is to check the root status of your phone.

To do this, download the Root Checker app from the Google Play Store. Run the application. If your device has root access, it will say "Rooted".

Once rooted, you need to download the BusyBox app from the Google Play Store. This application will allow you to control some specific functions of your Samsung S8 phone. Be sure to follow the in-app instructions on how to set up BusyBox.

Finally, you need a terminal emulator for Android. The app is also available on the Google Play Store. If you have previous experience with terminal commands on a PC, this process will be much easier for you. Now, to change the MAC address on the device, follow these steps:

Launch a terminal emulator on Samsung S8.
Type "su" and hit "Enter". "
Then, type "busybox iplink show name of your network" and hit "Enter". You will be able to see your current MAC address.
Now, enter "busybox ifconfig name of your network hw ether" and enter the new MAC address in the standard 12 character format. It is critical to keep the first three sequences of the MAC address the same because it directly reflects the hardware of the device. The last three sequences are available for you to choose from.
Again, confirm the change with "busybox iplink show name of your network".
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How to Change GPS Location Settings on Galaxy S8

If the reason you want to change your location is to avoid being tracked, you can use one of the many mock location apps for Android devices. By installing such an app, your location cannot be pinpointed by satellite technology. Check out our guide on how to spoof your location on Android

How to change your country on the Galaxy S8

If using a VPN to change your location doesn't work, you can try these instructions

If you want to download an app that isn't available in your area, it won't show up in the store at all. Even if you try to search for it through your browser, there is no "install" button available.

However, even if you're traveling in a country where a specific app is available, you'll still need to change your country settings to see it.

Also, you will need to change the payment method that is compatible with your current country of residence. Here's how it works:

Launch the Google Play Store app on the Samsung S8.
Go to your profile in the upper right corner of the screen.

Then go to Settings, then General.

Now, click on "Account and Device Preferences" and "Country and Profile".

Update payment method. It needs to be from your current country. After that, you can add other payment processing methods from another country.
These steps will create a different Google payments profile associated with the current country. These settings will update automatically, but it will take approximately 24 hours.

Important: You can only make this change once every 12 months. If you adjust your Google Play location today, it will take another year to change it back.

How to turn your location on or off on Samsung S8

Your Samsung device relies on a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks to know your exact location. The technology allows users to use Google Maps and other location-based applications. Your location also determines which apps are available for download in the Google Play Store.

However, you don't need to turn on your location when using your Samsung S8 or any Android phone. Most features are still available, but Google Search won't depend on your location, and some apps' performance will be limited. To turn position on and off on Samsung S8, you need to do the following:

Unlock your phone and swipe down on the notification panel.

Find the location icon and tap to activate or deactivate.

Alternatively, you can go to Settings, then Connections, then Locations.

Check your location

Some have come to terms with the idea that our location is being tracked every day, and maintaining online privacy is basically a myth at this point.

However, there are still things you can do to protect yourself. There are few downsides to using a trustworthy VPN service and can give you access to websites and apps you wouldn't otherwise be able to access.

A VPN doesn't help with MAC addresses, but you can still spoof it with some help from an Android app. Finally, if you're going abroad for at least a year, changing your Google Play Store country settings and payment method can be very beneficial.

As a flagship phone, the Samsung S8 handles all these changes well.

What is the preferred way to change location on Samsung S8? Let us know in the comments section below.